Friday, August 05, 2016

ATF Show


Its been a while.

Y'all wanna do an ATF Show?   I sure as hell do.

9 central.

Lets fire this mutha up!


Clint said...

Let's do this thing

Clint said...

A: Just finished Wild Turkey 101
T: Big hairy dip of snuff
F: S&W SD9

Nate said...

wait I thought that one fell into the creek?

Clint said...

Might have been. I get them confused. Maybe I had the old 22 revolver last night...

allyn71 said...

A: Coors Light
T: Bali Shag homemade
F: Ruger 10/22 takedown

Randomatos said...

Hell yeah Stevie Ray Vaughan and Outlaw X. How is it that the best discussions always end up in the after-show?

Randomatos said...

Someone should bribe Adam Baldwin into calling in next time to discuss Janestown, Tom Stranger, Zelazny and the decline of literacy. I wonder if a care package (minus frogs) from Costa Rica would suffice...

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