Friday, April 05, 2019

The ATF Show Returns

Well believe it or not... this thing still exists.


I didn't expect to be writing here today...  I bet you didn't expect to be reading here either.  But here we are.  Brought together likely by the passing of a friend.  We lost an OG Dread Ilk today...  and in his honor... we'll be firing up the old ATF show.  

Grab a libation...grab some smoke...  and kick off your shoes and stay a while.  You've been missed.

here's the link to the show.   It will kick off at 9:00 PM God's Time... or CST as it is called by the less informed.

if you want to call in... and you should.. because this is gonna be damn hard...  the number is:

(760) 283-5135

follow the link... there is a cool picture slide show to ogle while we jabber


SouthRon said...

A: Russell’s Reserve
T: -
F: CZ 75

Parrothead Al said...

A: Buffalo Trace
T: -
F: SW 357

Parrothead Al said...

It is good to hear you honoring your friend, never know how long you have.

jaericho said...

Sounds like he was a great guy to know.

Lord, bless your servant Patrick.

Clint said...

A: Makers 46
T: snuff
F: lost in canoe

Clint said...

Patrick was fantastic. I will miss him very much.

Clint said...

Had to switch, for the time being. A has been changed to plain Makers.

HoosierHillbilly said...

Great show gentlemen. Shoot on only having an hour. Dang good memorial.

Clint said...

If you want to follow more conversation, call here for more talk.

(917) 889-3896

Flannel Avenger said...

Nate said...

damn... I am humbled to see all these comments when the blog has been so dead for so long.

I appreciate it. glad ya enjoyed it. We'll do it again next week

WaterBoy said...

Dang. Missed the live show. Good to see you back, just sorry it's under these circumstances.

Res Ipsa said...

Just stopped by myself. *lifts glass*

Stilicho said...

Glad it's on again next week. Sorry I missed this one.

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Stilicho said...

TLDR: you buy this now! We love you long time!

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