Friday, December 31, 2021

Dread Ilk Down

 Most of our friendship... I only knew him as Aardvark..  a hilarious commenter at Vox's blog that made t-shirts for a living.  I considered him a friend for over 20 years.  

In 2002 when I lived in WV a package showed up at my house...  when I opened it I found a t-shirt with a picture of Che Guererra's death face...  and the words "Happiness is a Dead Commie" written above it.  Aardvark sent me that.

A couple years later it was another shirt... with a stylized picture of Che... and the caption said "douCHEbag"

God love Aardvark.  I knew him and his sons... and I loved them all.

I had never met Aardvark in person but over the last few years we had interacted more over social media.  When we had a giant get-together at my place this year.. I was horrified when I learned that he wasn't planning on coming.... because due to those interactions... he worried that I didn't like him.

Aardvark was a kind old man.. and due to some previous experiences, he had kind of a soft heart.  Thankfully he did come and I did get to meet him... and I hugged him and I told him I loved him.  

We lost Aardvark recently.   The world is dimmer.  

But as all things...  this loss is temporary.  We will be with our brother again in time.  Death has no real sting.

But sometimes loss does...  even temporary loss.  

God Speed Weatherly.

We will honor your memory...  you were OG Dread Ilk.  


Flannel Avenger said...

Aardvark was definitely one of a kind. The world is lessened by his loss.

Randomatos said...

Wasn't expecting that. Do you know if he had connections with CryptoFashion or other tee makers who still sell his designs? I'd buy a "dead commie" for sure.