Monday, April 21, 2008

Compare and Contrast

I bring to your attention to current news articles:

Artical 1: Where in we find that the family of a now dead woman is blaming 911 dispatchers for not saving her.

Artical 2: Where in we find that a man with a gun didn't bother to wait for 911 dispatchers to not save him.. and instead saved himself.. and also went ahead and provided the police with enough clues to get the badguys arrested.

Now a few things are amusing about the first article... note that they are sueing the 911 dispatchers. That's because they can't sue the cop the chose to leave when no one answered the door.

Remember... 911 is the number you want to dial if you're looking for someone to make sure the cops show up and collect your body in a somewhat timely manner. They can't do anything to save you though.

Its high time you realized that you are responsible for saving yourself. The police can't save you, and even when they can they usually don't. Its an uncomfortable truth for a lot of people... particularly women.

Deal with it.

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