Thursday, April 17, 2008

Don't Blame the Ragheads for Gas Prices

So you're pissed off because those mean ol' Saudis won't pump more oil eh? Those jerks over there in that kitty liter box are just greedy bastards aren't they?


Take a look at this graph... It shows the price of oil as measured in gold... vs the price of gold as measured in dollars.

Ummm... see that flat line down at the bottom? That's how much oil costs in gold. We call that stable. This is the biggest proof you need to see that the price of oil has actually not gone up hardly at all in the last 63 years. What's happening is plain and simple; we've printed to much damned money... and now our dollars are worth a little more than toilet paper.

This graph is undeniable proof folks.

Its not the arabs. Its not the greedy sheiks. OPEC is not to blame. Your government is to blame. The Fed is to blame. Hell... you are to blame.

Now see.. If you've been listening to ol' Nate... this crisis won't effect you at all. You can go sell some of the gold you been hording... and use it to buy gas.

If you haven't... well...

I hope y'all don't think this is gonna magicly get better any time soon folks. The only way to fix it is to deflate the dollar... which means contract the money supply... which means cut off the credit that the US runs on. Sounds like fun doesn't it?

This would be a really good time to start praying for some awesome leap in technology to show up here in the US... because that's the only thing that is gonna save this economy.

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