Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Vox: It Sucks

I'm sure you can tell by the style of this blog... I'm not a big fan of change. I am more of a... "if not's not broke... don't fix it" kind of guy. The blog works. You can read what I write. You can comment in a simple and easy manner.

Vox's blog used to be the same way.


Now he's decided to beta-test some god-aweful java script commenting system...

I attempt to comment... I see there are comments... well... actually what I see are a bunch of blue lines cluttering up the blog and interfering with the posts. But being the genius that I am.. I click the "expand" link... which transforms those lines into comments but only some of them. Seems it likes to start with the oldest... but it only shows you so many of them... and you can reverse the order to see the newest ones... except it doesnt really show you the newest ones... instead of showing comments 5 hours old... it shows comments 4 hours old... if you want to see comments made a few seconds ago... you're screwed.

This is why God invented Test Blogs dude.

Go to blogger... start a new blog... name it something clever... like... testblog1.... and try out the new "hottness" there. Once you beat the suck out of it... then and only then... should you foist it on your readers.

I tried to comment using the system... but found it maddening.

I hope haloscan returns... and the sooner the better.


I am moved to wonder if the developers had any idea what they were getting into. I mean... is anyone suprised at all that the commenters over at VD's blog were merciless? Because ruthlessly tearing something or someone to shreds at the slightest sign of weakness is so unlike them.

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