Friday, June 06, 2008

I Don't Believe in Santa...

but I still had fun watching Polar Express. Props to Zeno over at VD's for pointing it out.

What follows is a quote from a comment written by Seraph1 on forum:

The Insurgency is Gone. alQaeda is GONE. Sadr and the Militias arent just
gone, 4,000 of the 6,000 militia that Sadr raised are stone COLD DEAD. He doesnt
have a damn thing but his one way ticket to Iran.

There is nothing NADA, zip, left in Iraq to cause the Iraqi govt and the
Iraq Army a problem. Anbar Province is all LINED UP with Maliki now.

And the Americans are negotiating their leases on the Bases, the Iraqi Army
wont let the Iraqi politicians ex-out the Iraqi Armys American MEAL ticket. And
remember Kerry in the last election? Did you bet he was going to win? Who won.?

And in this new Presidential Election you think Obama is going to bring the
troops home? IF IF IF he wins he MAY...but my guess is he WONT. But that is on
the predicate that he DOES win, he may not.

What's your LAST HOPE....that McCain will Lose? I dont want to piss in your
tea. but McCain MAY win. And WHAT are you gonna do then.? McCain has a Silver
Star and a DSM medal...those two medals are just below the Medal of Honor. What
does Obama have? Obama wont even wear an American Flag Lapel pin....although he
did wear an Israeli Flag pin when he spoke before the Jewish Lobby at AIPC. And
Obama DID say that he wants Jerusalem to be the UNDIVIDED capital of Israel. I
am sorry for the Arabs thinking Obama will just hand it to them but Skinny
doesnt appear to be that kind of guy.

McCain has a combat record and Obama is going to be like any American
President, he's gonna need the Military not to laugh at him and "cause him
problems" and Obama is going to need the war. So if you think things are going
to suddenly get rosy for the Arabs, bend over I have something for you. Obama is
a politician and he's not stupid. Once he's in he will be looking to his own
main advantage....and the money dont go to a fool.

BUT FIRST Obama has to win the Election. McCain has five months to see that
Obama doest get anything but what Kerry got..which was sweet Fu8k all.

Where is Kerry now? It happens and when it does they dont come back.Obama
can disappear so fast you just got to see the door shut.

There are POWERFUL forces in the United States who have the Military and
the Police and the Big Corporations and the OiL Interests...and NONE of them
would piss down Obamas tonsils if his guts were on fire. And they mean MEAN

Obama wont just walk in and get the high sign. He's going to have to bleed
to get anything. And they will CRUSH him if they can, slice him up if he gets in
and maybe even kill him. He isnt loved by everybody. And the people who dont
love him are very brutal sophisticated people.

So other than that, is everything fine with you? Iran is next. You know it
and I know it and if you arent prepared for it you didnt pack your Lunch. When
Bush got his second term Fallujah went down the next month. And if McCain gets
in...not only will you see Obama eating with the dog, you will see Iran getting
some serious hurt.

What If McCain starts bombing Qods Barrack and supply depots INSIDE IRAN.
Cross border Black Ops, carbombs in Iranian cities, arming minorities inside
Iran, and pushing heroin shipments down the pipe to Iran's 3 million dope

Do you think this is a game? Blood up to your rectum, almost all of it
Moslem Blood. Hasnt Iraq taught you anything? It wont get worse, It CANT get
worse.? the United States wouldnt DARE?

Sing it for me.

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