Sunday, June 14, 2009

Prayers for the Traveller

I ain't overly sentimental... nor could I reasonably described sensitive. I do find myself worried tonight though... about a fella I've never met.

JQP is somewhere between St Louis and Denver... hitch-hiking his way south-east. Now... I know times are tough on almost everyone... but I don't know how many people can rightly claim to need your prayers more than him. If you happen to know of some folks... no worries... pray for both. Prayer ain't expensive and God has the time to listen.

JQP's blog is over here. I've tried to convince him to put up a tip jar so folks could help him out but the stuborn S.O.B. won't have none of it.

Well... I can't say much else I don't reckon. If ya know anyway to help... then help.


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