Friday, September 11, 2009

Divided We Stand

United we fall. Got it backwards says you? Depends on who the we is says I.

If by we, you mean those of us in fly over country, then we only survive through division. We're fighting to tread water people... and in their crazed psychotic panic the zombies on the coasts are pulling us under the water with them. We have two options... give up and go down with them... or kick them in the face and pull ourselves out.

I hereby challenge you to name one single issue that there is not massive disagreement on in this so called united nation.

And disagreement is one thing... we've always had that. What we've only had on rare occasions... is hate. Hate is what we have today. We hate each other. Urban hates Rural. Republican hates Democrat. Liberal hates Conservative. The South hates the North. The West hates the East. Everyone hates California.

And its not just regions... its topics... pro choicers hate pro lifers... the Gun Culture hates Gungrabbers.

The United States is divided. More so than its been since The War.

So what now?

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