Thursday, September 10, 2009

Game Time!!!!!

Its a national freakin' holiday. The NFL season starts in an hour boys. Light 'em up.

Ahh.. but what to look for tonight? We keep hearing that the Titans lost Haynesworth. Newsflash: The Titans didn't have Haynesworth or Vanden Bosch when they dismantled the Steelers in December.

And the vaunted Steelers Defense? What about Rodney Harrison? Yeah... what about him? The Titans Left Tackle, Micheal Roos, completely shut him down last year. Do you suppose he won't tonight? I certainly don't. Football doesn't work like that.

Oh but Towelgate! The Titans stomped the Towel!!!! The Steelers will be extra mad and play hard!

Yeah... like they weren't playing hard back in december when Home Field Advantage was on the line eh? Right.

Here's the truth: The Steelers did more to disrespect that towel by the way they played than the Titans did by stomping on it.

Titans 30. Squeelers 13.

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