Friday, November 13, 2009

ATF: The Gourds - Gin and Juice

Say boys!

Its hard to have a little ATF without a sound track... so I opted for an old favorite. The finest cover ever.

Now.. onto the more imporant matters... Like...

A: So julie brought me a bottle of Mezcal home from mexico. 3 worm tequila boys. 3 worms in the bottle. Big bastards to. Good for molotav cocktails... I don't know about drinkin' it.

T: Can someone tell me why it is that cigars dry up so fast and pipe tobacco can somehow remain moist for decades in a damned jar? I don't get it.

F: What would you have to do to make a glock cool? What if ya had a milled steel frame? And... what if you put a .50GI conversion kit on it? Then of course we'd have to put a decent trigger on the thing... but hey... at least it would be a real weapon. So there ya go... for an additonal 1200 could make your Glock cool.

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