Monday, November 23, 2009

A Busy Mornin'

So I was downstairs helping Eli with one of his Nintendo DS games... Jeb and Elkan were upstairs playing MarioKarts. Yes... Elkan plays MarioKarts. All was well until I heard Jeb yell from upstairs.

"Daddy. Elkan called the lady on the phone and she says now the police have to come to our house."




So of course I assume I didn't hear what I obviously heard and run upstairs hoping I was mistook.

"What's going on buddy?"

"Well... Elkan called the lady and he's talking to her and she said now the police have to come to our house. ***sigh*** little brothers..."

It was at this point that I heard Elkan still chattering away in his bedroom. I rushed in there and found him giving some poor woman a very stern lecture about something that was clearly extremely important. I grabbed the phone... hoping no one was there.


"Oh hi! This is Julie and the ER. Your baby called us and he's just been talking up a storm."

"... ummm.."

"We didn't know what was going on so we had to call the police to come check."

"... errr... sorry?"

"Oh its ok.. he's adorable. I can't believe he dialed this number though."

"I can't either. So he didn't dial 911 then?"

"No this is the unpublished ER number."


"I know. I don't know how he managed it!"

Well... I eventually got off the phone with her. Turns out Julie had been on call and got paged to the ER a couple days before and Elkan had simply pressed redial.

At least the cops took their time showing up. The local chief of police, a buddy of mine named Brian, showed up about 30 minutes later. "Havin' a good mornin' Nate?"

"Its great Brian. Thanks."

"hehehe.. I told 'em everything was ok... That baby just tryin' to find his mama."

Its a good thing we live in Mayberry.

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