Friday, January 25, 2013

Why You Need 30 Round Magazines

Well...  because you never know when some naked psycho is going to jump off your roof, run into your house, tear the 72-inch tv off the wall, rub your son's clothes on his face while he masturbates... and shit all over the floor.  ...    Seriously.  This isn't some... made up hyperbole for humor bit... this actually happened.

30 rounds sounds just about right.

We could go on and on about all the things wrong here.  Starting with the male yelling to his wife, "Get the gun!"   What?  Why aren't you wearing one already?  And why are you telling her to get the gun?  Why aren't you getting the gun?  and why is the gun somewhere hard to get in the first place?  On top of that... the poor woman actually does get the gun... then she misses three times.   For crying out loud.  how hard can it be to hit a dude laying on the floor jacking off?    And of course...  naked-roof-jumping-house-defecating-masturbation is probably a sign of societal decline.

And why wasn't there a 150 pound Dogo eating this psycho's face?

I'll say one thing... this certainly puts a whole knew spin on "shit happens".


Giraffe said...

And they are all still in the gene pool.

thimscool said...

That is pure sugar. Still snickering.

MacLaren said...

Heaven help the man that gets in my wife's sights. She's damned scary with her .357.

For some reason, she prefers it to my Glock. Hee.

Giraffe said...

Its Friday, Dammit.

Nate said...

Oh fret not... its a bit early for the ATF post though... It will be done though.

Susan said...

Totally agree with you on the man. Unless he is occupied with keeping the intruder's attention? I could see that scenario at work here.

I am curious though about why the guy was on the roof. That seems odd behaviour for an intruder.

Nate said...

wait... the being on the roof is what you found odd? not the.... masterbating while rubbing a child's clothes on his face?