Sunday, January 27, 2013

Come and Take Them

While I am Springfield guy... I confess... I want one of these.  Real bad.


Raggededge said...

Nate, what is your opinion on the Taurus PT1911? I'm looking to get into the 1911 world, but don't want to drop a serious amount of coin right away.

Nate said...

Bang for the buck? The Taurus' may be the best option there is. These sigs are pretty nice... and so is the Ruger.

Luke has a Taurus pt1911 and likes it.

Susan said...

Nicely defiant weapon. Very you. I am surprised you don't have the helmet/latin logo in the upper corner of your blog. You could probably find a way more cool helmet though.

That handgun seems like something you could note on your wishlist for Dr. Who to get as a present for you.

Query: Does anyone call them pistols anymore, or are all of them called handguns now? I would like to keep up to date with the terminology here.

Nate said...

We call them pistols... handguns... and sidearms. I use the term sidearm a lot.

Giraffe said...

The Wheeler edition.

TransplantedTexan said...

I am with you here. Would love one of these.

As far as the PT1911 goes, I have one, and like it well. I was in the same position. I wanted to get a 1911, but didn't have a ton of cash to spend.
I will say that the extractor broke around 600 rounds in. I called Taurus, and they wanted it shipped back to them. New or used they will service it. But at a 5-6 week time frame to have it back. After some work, I got them to just sentd me the extractor. they covered shipping as well.
I would get one again, but I am currently looking to buy a non Taurus extractor though, then keeping the Taurus part as a back up. I see quite a few people on various forums with this issue with the PT1911.

Lulabelle said...

Hmm. I like. Brown is my favorite color, after all.