Friday, March 29, 2013

ATF: Black

A: Guinness Black Lager.  You had this?  Freakin' amazing.  All the Guinness character...  but somehow...  refreshing?  Dare I say it?  This may in fact be what Shiner Bock wants to be when it grows up.

T: Sosa.  Smoked another one of these last night.  Fantastic guys.  Look them up.  Bang for the buck just can't be beat.

F:  You wanna know how expensive .223 is?  I saw a stray tom cat on my property through the night vision rig and decided not to shoot it... because I didn't want to waste a round.  Folks there was a time when killing a cat would've been amongst the finest ways to spend a round .223.  Not anymore.  I guess this means I need another rig for one of the .22mags.  Now that I would spend on ending a cat.

Its just a quicky tonight.  I spend to much time on the phone tonight with Vidad... talking like teenaged girls.  Started out as business called... ended up covering everything from survival gardening to the moral obligation one has for killing a trespasser to They Might Be Giants.

On a related note... I am working on a project.  Friday nights could be in for a big change around here.

That's all I'm prepared to say at this point.

You know the rules.


Lex Rex said...

Any suggestions for books on survival gardening? I think my 2/3 acre will be just enough room for now.

Nate said...

You need to talk to Vidad. He's the man on this.

Flannel Avenger said...

Ok, so I came across this tonight and I thought it was amusing by itself but particularly so given the "rabbiting". LOL.

Vidad said...

Heh. I don't think teenage girls talk about the relative merits of Greek Orthodoxy and the poor strategic move Western Europe made when it failed to reinforce Byzantium against the Turks.

Survival gardening:

Best book:

Gardening When it Counts by Steve Solomon

Best website:

Best place to discuss growing methods and ideas:

Raggededge said...

Sorry for coming to the party late boys...

A: Basil Hayden's.

T: None

F: This ammo situation is becoming depressing. Even plinking is almost untenable. Oh well, just drink more booze instead I guess.

jack said...

picked up an Benjamin .22 pellet rifle a few days ago. It was touted as uselfull for small game. I've been impressed so far with its accuracy and power. And, it has not even had the several hundred rounds to 'shoot' it in. I will recenter the scope after that breakin period and a good cleaning. Can't beat the ammo cost; and, you can still get ammo. The 31 lbs of cocking pressure [its a break and cock, single shot] is going to leave my left arm sore for awhile. 50 bucks and you get enough ammo for roughly forever.

bub said...

Hey Nate

A year or two ago you wrote something about using a simple PVC pipe (4"?) for easy watering of your garden. I can't remember exactly what you described - can you say again how it works. I'm in the middle of a greenhouse project and remembered liking your idea. Thanks.

Nate said...


Ok so I was using containers... big beds. I started by getting a bunch of french drain tube and stuffing it into the container. I put it all around the perimiter of the inside... then pinched it together in the center so it made a sort of figure 8.. except it didn't actually over lap. By the way don't forget the sock. Roots will destroy it if you do.

Then I ran a 1.5 inch pvc pipe virtically into it... I cut a whole or a slit and stuffed the pipe into the drainage tube. then I buried it all in my soil with about 2 feet of the vertical pvc exposed. I stick a hose in the pvc pipe and turn it on. It fills the pvc drain pipe with water and it leaches out over time.

Obviously your container needs to be water tight. I lined my with a tarp. You can do whatever...

My plants went psycho in this set up... and on top of it.. I could go 2 or 3 weeks without watering them. Seriously... 2 weeks after I had first watered them... you could dig an inch down the soil was extremely moist.

Giraffe said...

My plants went psycho in this set up... and on top of it.. I could go 2 or 3 weeks without watering them. Seriously... 2 weeks after I had first watered them... you could dig an inch down the soil was extremely moist.

So, basically, your soil is wicking up moisture from below?

F: 12 ga. Cheap 2-3/4" Steel T
for Snowgeese.

Nate said...


bub said...

Thanks, that is excellent.

patrick kelly said...

Koenig Pilsner, some bargain but decent red table wine from the local market.

T? None lately, sorry, been slakin'.


I've think most "max" load data is ridiculously conservative, especially for AR .223/5.56 loads.

Most load date for .223 is per the SAAMI spec, which is different than NATO mil spec 5.56.

I found this Accurate powder data site which shows the differences:

Go to page 11, on the right, and notice the pressure for NATO max loads is around 62k whereas for the SAAMI .223 loads it is around 55k.

I no longer give max .223 loads a second thought for my mil spec 5.56 chambered ARs. Those loads also seem to give me the best groups also.

Vidad said...

You didn't happen to take any pictures of that garden setup, did you? That would be worth sharing with my survival gardening alter-ego. For his blog.

Anonymous said...

Hi, which "model" of Sosa did you smoke? Apologies for anonymous but I'm in a rush.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha, twas true. I happened to be in a rush that night and couldn't go through the whole creating an ID. I probably won't do it either as I hardly ever comment on anything. But I was ordering cigars and was interested so I figured I'd ask. Anyway, I like the blog here and the comments. Thanks.

I will just continue to read on without comment.

Raggededge said...


You don't have to create an ID, you can just choose a name.