Friday, March 08, 2013

ATF yes?

oh man...  after wading through Vox's reply I need a drink.  And if you understood what he was saying... I bet you do to.  Oh I already knew...  hell best I can tell it appears I could write Vox's side of the debate for him.  Wouldn't be his style...  to many elipses and all... of course!

anyway...  on with it.  I'll deal with Vox tomorrow...

A: XX for now... I haven't gotten into the bourbon yet.  I think its a bookers night.  I could use it.

T:  Why is tobacco so neglected with you people?  Y'all better man the hell up.  Smoking is one of the manly arts.  Grow a pair.  They should hand out humidors the same time they hand out the testicles.  Look... I'm tired of this shit... if you have never smoked before... this is your official assignment.  Go buy a small arturo fuente and smoke it.  I will be expecting your thoughts next week.  Dammit.

F: Anyone ever shot a Springfield V10?  Tiny little thing... 1911 obviously... 10 ports to reduce the muzzle flip. A friend is bringing one by tomorrow.  I'm gonna shoot it... and maybe buy it.  I'll let ya know how it works out.

Ok boys..  belly up to the bar.  You know the rules.


SDH said...

S'bout time.

A: Innis & Gunn original. Fantastic with tobacco.

T: Cohiba Esplendido. It's been warm enough to smoke the past week or so, I've had about 4 Bolivars, but this is my first Cohiba, and in my opinion, their best cigar.

F: I'm thinking about buying a .308. I thought I might get a Remington 770, but online reviews are not great. Any thoughts on the Savage, particularly the lightweight hunter? or any other recommendations?

SDH said...

That "is" for the Cohiba, should be a "was". I finished it over an hour ago.

I gave a bottle of Booker's to my Son-in-law about a week ago for his birthday. He opened it with his Dad,
it took them a couple of glasses to warm up to it, but they both went out an bought more. They're both rum guys,
so for them to buy whiskey is a pretty big step.

zen0 said...

Best cigar I ever had was one I saw rolled by a woman in Cuba.

I think I had to shell out 2 bucks for it. Had to tigten the belt a bit.

Sat in a walled back yard that night in Trinidad de Cuba with a parrot and some Cuban rum. No whiskey of note there.

Mrs. zen0 had some too.

You know there are sites that sell you Cuban tobacco seeds. I don't know how good they are, I can't grow it here anyway, but nuthin like fresh rolled.

No guns though. Nothings perfect, eh?

Nate said...

Remington's quality control has gone to shit. Avoid at all costs.

Savage on the other hand... keeps getting better and better.

If its got an accutrigger... you'll be satisfied.

Nate said...

I love a good fresh handrolled. If ya ever get down to Nawlins they have several nice places that make their own on the spot.

Cunning Dove said...

A: Rebecca Creek Whiskey with Dr. Pepper. Had it straight last night, but I got the combo for dinner & didn't want to waste the Dr. Pepper.

T: Not feeling the cigar just yet, but if I decide to do such a thing I'll look into the one you recommended.

F: This LaRue model is my latest "I dream of Genie" gun... I'm leaning toward the 18", but I would not throw away the 16" if it found it's way into my possession.
PredatAR 7.62

raggededge said...

A: Kentucky Spirit, I'm hooked.

T: Marlboro Light

F: Need a recommendation for a IWB holster for my Steyr M40.

zen0 said...

I have no idea if this may be of use to you in your time of reflection, Nate, or not, as it is a recording of an old man rambling on. I have not been able to listen to it all yet, but it is more recent than 1912.

Either way, it might be interesting.

Mises Lecture: The Problems Of Inflation recorded 1965

sb- said...

A: to damn tired to drink. Living in bourbon country I'll crack the woodford tomorrow although its starting to be beer weather in Kentucky.

T: Kodiak

F: hoping to take my new savage 111 30-06 out this weekend for some exploding target joy.

Nate, good luck with Leviathan. It has been an impressive exchange thus far.

sb- said...

raggededge: check out crossbreed holsters. Most comfortable IWB I have worn. I conceal a tactical .45ACP with ease. It will only set you back ~$60.

SDH said...

Savage on the other hand... keeps getting better and better.

Nice to hear. I'll be able to pick one up for about $800 CDN, which is less than the MSRP.

Any experience with Weatherby? I've read a couple of positive reviews.

Nate said...

I can't help ya on the IWB... I am morally opposed.

Nate said...

Thanks Zen0

Nate said...

Zen0... so far I am half way through the video... and he has only mentioned borrowing 1 time... and then he was specifically referring to goverments borrowing from central banks.. and calling it the counterfeiting. The same as printing more money.

So far nothing about normal borrowing... in fact he out right says... its only inflation when the government does it.

hrmm... it almost sounds like its the fiat nature of the money that matters... huh? Let us continue on and see where he goes.

allyn71 said...

A- 7&7


F- Going with a buddy to shoot Whistlepigs (Little grounds squirrels that live out in the desert grasslands in my home range.) Me Ruger .22-250, him Daniels Defense M-4 .223. He just got it and claims it is a tack driver. Looking forward to trying it out.

I agree with checking out the Savage over the Rem. 700 but here is a vid of an 86 yr old Vet that served at Bastogne putting a modern 700 through its paces. 5" group at 1000 yrds. Not bad for 86.

Res Ipsa said...

"Springfield V10"

It's OK. I think of it as more of a gimick than a benifit.

"savage arms"

I know Nate loves em, but every one of them I owned was a POS, even after I sent them back to the factory. Why not buy an action and build your own bolt gun?

Salt said...

Nate, I picked up a "Five seveN. Wonderful thing. 20 rd mags. Sweet beast.

Raggededge said...

I can't help ya on the IWB... I am morally opposed.

Morally opposed to carrying concealed with an IWB? What do you use to conceal your M40?

WhoDat said...

Recently bought a Savage 64. I'm happy with it, especially for the price point.
Been thinking about getting a 30-06 Remington 700. Any recommendations on what I should consider as an alternative or should I just go with the Remington?

Nate said...


or Ruger.

CZ rifles are just amazing. And of course... Steyr makes some awesome rifles as well.

Nate said...


I carry in standard ccw holsters outside my pants. I find that IWB holsters slow the draw considerably for little or no benefit.

I wear bluejeans and a tight fitting undershirt... a bitch beater if you will. Then I have CCW specific shirts made by 5.11 that I wear over the rig untucked. they have snaps disguised as buttons... and velcro closed splits on the sides to aid in getting things out of the way during a draw.

Nate said...

On Savage

You cannot trust Res...

The man jabbered about Kimber for years.

Rus said...

Smoking is the greatest. I'm puffing some English pipe tobacco.

A: Old Rasputing Russian Imperial Stout.

F: What's a good truck gun? I'm thinking about some kind of inexpensive rifle, like a mosin carbine.

Res Ipsa said...


Why the 30-06?

"You cannot trust Res..."

Savage went 2 for 2 with POS rifles, they don't get a 3rd strike. I liked the accue trigger, but if you have to take the gun to a plumber to get it fixed why bother.

I shoot my Rem action rigs sub moa at 1,000 yards. When I complained to savage about 8 MOA groups at 100 yards I sent the gun back. They “fixed” it and it shot 2 MOA at 100 yards. I complained again they said that as long as 3 out of 5 shots were 1 moa at 100 they were happy with the gun. It didn’t matter if the center of those 5 shots was 6in off from point of aim or that there was a 3 in variance between group centers.

In other words, they build crap.

When I get the hankering for a new rifle, I have it built the way I want it. I don't buy off the shelf rifles any more, although I do want a 457 Alaskan.

My Kimber still shoots great BTW, I’m on my second barrel, despite what the folks at Kimber claim, the barrels do go bad around 25,000 rounds.

trk said...

i'm drooling for a CZ 550 Full Stock in 6.5 swede.

S. Thermite said...

Came over here from Vox's blogs about a month ago, after seeing your comments about Maker's Mark diluting their ABV. First off, thanks for helping me refine my appreciation of bourbon in comparison to Scotch. And even more so, thanks for recommending Gurkha "Specs Ops" cigars. My local tobacconist had already sold me a Gurkha "Assassin" and it was one of the best maduros I'd ever smoked. I had to go online to find the Spec Ops...but I'm smoking one right now (and have had three others in the past month) and agree that these things are too good to be legal. If you have any recommendations on imported pipe tobacco then I'm all ears.

jml1911a1 said...

I used to have a V10. Those things are FUN - especially when shooting in semi-darkness. The flames that come out of those ports are really cool. The downside is that it's very, very loud. I decided to get rid of it when a friend of mine and I took it out to shoot real quick, and forgot ear protection. After a few very painful rounds, I decided I would never want to fire it without ear protection (even in a self-defense situation), and sold it for a Kimber Ultra Carry.

I kind of miss that gun.

David Mendosa said...

Recap of Friday:

A: Woodford Reserve

T: Camacho Maduro

F: Grandaddy's .3006MS

Red said...

V10 - got one of them in my safe.... lovely little blaster. If you didn't get it, well, shame.

Nate said...

lets see... a 1911 that shoots gouts flames and is stupendously loud...


I'm looking for a downside here...

patrick kelly said...

V10 - used to own one, wish I never traded it. Great lil' CC gun.

Yes, it is loud and shoots flames. Even with arms fully extended I could feel the heat in my face with every shot. Some people think that is fun. Me, not so much. I hate trimming my beard.

I've been drinking cheap Canadian RnR.

Don't smoke much since they tightened up on my sources for sticks from some island south of Miami. Domestic stuff just not the same, although I occasionally grab a Fuente Hemingway or Short Story to smoke if I'm out near a smoke shop.