Monday, June 17, 2013

Ammo Test: Brass vs Steel

hey kids if you listened to the show and heard me mention the ammo test... here's the link to it.  Truth be told if you're a brass guy... this is going to reinforce your opinion... and if you're a steel guy... this will probably reinforce your opinion to.  Still... its freakin' awesome that somebody did this test... and did it this well.


Here is the link.


Flannel Avenger said...

They also have a good one on what the difference is between .223 and 5.56

Russ said...

My favorite kind of science: gun science. Gunology?

Matthew said...

"10,000 rounds each of Federal, Brown Bear, Wolf, and Tula ammunition in caliber .223 Remington were used."

Sickening. Just think about how many Yankees they could have killed with this amount of Southern steel and shot. I wish they were three million, instead of what we got.

Nate said...

I find myself liking this matthew character more and more.

Res Ipsa said...

I just got to read through it. Its a good test. More stuff like this is needed.

Res Ipsa said...


After what you said about CL being knocked up, I got an idea for an ATF event.

It would be great if we could go to OZ with a box Churchhills and smoke them with Jamie, but thats not likely to happen. Why not have everyone chip in say $20 bucks into a pool for the date time of birth, the winner gets a Opus X and the rest of us have an ATF smoke and blog the following week in honor of the kid. The rest of the cash goes to the kid. We can buy some silver coins or something and ship it to his folks.

If Jamie wants to be a mate he could send us all some XXXX and drop by the blog/smoke party.

Nate said...

Res... that's a helluva plan. I'll get on it.