Friday, July 19, 2013

ATF: Russel's Reserve... CAO... and Stupid Atheist Tricks

You don't want to miss the show tonight y'all...  we have a nice surprise.  We'll cover some more self defense... more guns... and who knows what else.

Here is the link.

The guest call in number is 347.308.8598


Vidifah said...

A: malt 40
T: grape flavor swisher
F: hellnaw! a gun killd trayvon!

CunningDove said...

A: Still drinking water
T: Eeewwww....
F: Taurus PT 140 Pro

Breeder said...

I'm in the queue...

Homebrew AR.
Probably some Red Man Silver tomorrow while I mow.

Anonymous said...

Missed the show, will catch the archive.

A: Wild Turkey 81 proof

T: Gurkah Special Ops (the whole kit w/knife and humidor was $99.99 at Cigars International)

F: Norinco 1911 converted to 460 Rowland - big badaboom...


AdognamedOp said...

Good show Nate. But hating on the Doors and praising ZZ top? Nigga please. Who was that dweeb? He dont know music.

A: something D'Abruzzo Montepulciano grapeano Italy-ano, chased down with cheap bud.

T: Copenbangin.

F: I'm in NYC. Anything I say is already being held against me.

Outlaw X said...

Good show Nate caught the rebroadcast. Speaking of Bands Pink Floyd was way ahead of their time they were almost prophets in many songs.


Outlaw X said...

Bad link, it keeps throwing it to another site.

Try this one.

Lyrics - Pigs:

Pigs (Three Different Ones) (Waters) 11:26

Big man, pig man, ha ha charade you are.
You well heeled big wheel, ha ha charade you are.
And when your hand is on your heart,
You're nearly a good laugh,
Almost a joker,
With your head down in the pig bin,
Saying "Keep on digging."
Pig stain on your fat chin.
What do you hope to find.
When you're down in the pig mine.
You're nearly a laugh,
You're nearly a laugh
But you're really a cry.

Bus stop rat bag, ha ha charade you are.
You fucked up old hag, ha ha charade you are.
You radiate cold shafts of broken glass.
You're nearly a good laugh,
Almost worth a quick grin.
You like the feel of steel,
You're hot stuff with a hatpin,
And good fun with a hand gun.
You're nearly a laugh,
You're nearly a laugh
But you're really a cry.

Hey you, Whitehouse,
Ha ha charade you are.
You house proud town mouse,
Ha ha charade you are
You're trying to keep our feelings off the street.
You're nearly a real treat,
All tight lips and cold feet
And do you feel abused?
.....! .....! .....! .....!
You gotta stem the evil tide,
And keep it all on the inside.
Mary you're nearly a treat,
Mary you're nearly a treat
But you're really a cry.

rycamor said...

Wish I could have called in, dude. I was on a plane back from my latest consulting gig (this will soon pass...). I can opine somewhat in the same key with you. Although, I dunno *how* could have listened to enough Kiss to know which songs you hate so much. If there's any band I know nothing of, it's Kiss.

But... Six... WTH>>>... friggin (sputter) STEVE VAI??? Where...ever...have you got the impression I'm a Vai fan? Someone needs some serious schooling. Vai is fast and knows his chord inversions, but that's about it. He's a machine. And that's exactly why I don't care for his stuff. I'm not even that much of a Satriani fan.

No, if you want a rock guitarist who has a good mix of virtuosity and soul, you need to listen to Eric Johnson. And he's a good singer too.

Six's problem is that he's a member of the latter end of Generation X, and by that time GenX had lost all appreciation of excellence in any area (except mad Linux skillz). Six prefers this bizarre, abstract post-mod alternative music with out-of-tune guitars and incomprehensible lyrics. Because irony, you know.

Nate said...

yeah... Six's music appreciation is ... well... wanting.

Outlaw X said...

Nate this may help people understand things like 3/4 time. Count people 1..2..3. 1..2..3. Nate this is the one of the best to explain it and it is called a waltz to old folks.

rycamor said...

Or to even older folks, a minuet.

Huckleberry said...

He's a machine. And that's exactly why I don't care for his stuff

I feel the same way about RUSH.
The most technically proficient musicians rock has ever seen, but with all of the soul of that robot from Lost in Space.

rycamor said...

Red Barchetta alone invalidates your point.

Now it's true that Rush pioneered a certain robotic sound at times, but they used it for effect. It was part of their art, and it connected to their lyrics. Not the same thing as the Vai/Satriani scenario.

And listen to Alex Lifeson's solos in Limelight or Villa Strangiato -- way more raw soul than something Vai or Satriani could muster.

Huckleberry said...

I've seen RUSH live twice.
Both times they put the audience to sleep.
That alone invalidates your point.
I like the band, they're incredible musicians.
I wouldn't have gone twice if I didn't.
But the animatronic band at Country Bear Jamboree plays with more soul and passion.

Nate said...

Rush... put the audience to sleep? what the hell are you blathering about?

Huckleberry said...

I'm talking about an entire stadium full of people.
Sitting in their seats.
Barely stirring.
For the entire show.
Including the encore.

rycamor said...

Huck, what years were these two concerts?

Vidad said...

My favorites (not by order of relative value):

David Bowie
Boards of Canada
They Might Be Giants
Astrud Gilberto
The Flaming Lips
Richard Wagner
Thievery Corporation
Tom Petty
The Secret Machines
DJ Format
Pink Floyd
The Bird and the Bee
Aunt Bettys
Fryderyk Chopin
Stan Getz
Herbie Hancock
Michael Knott
Pretty Lights
The Talking Heads

My music appreciation is fine, mofos.

Vidad said...


You played me something by Steve Vai once. It stuck in my head, code monkey.

And, since we're talking about music, I WAS THERE!

Vidad said...

@Outlaw X

Yeah, Floyd was light years ahead of everyone else. Listening to what they were doing in the early 70s makes their contemporaries look like complete jokes.

Outlaw X said...

Vidad, I was sitting in the living room of y brothers house and he just got a new hammer dulcimer.. I was watching a Cowboys with his kids while he was in the back room and by halftime he was kicking its butt. I was amazed. as Rich Mullins had just died and he made the that hammer dulcimer sing. I waked into his bedroom and was blown away.

Outlaw X said...


You know I am going to quit faking tough guy. Tears were rolling Out of my eyes and I was singing it for my brother While he played. Rich Mullins predicted his own death in that song.

I was never so touched.

Nate said...

David Bowie???

we can never discuss music again.

rycamor said...

Vidad said...
@Outlaw X

Yeah, Floyd was light years ahead of everyone else. Listening to what they were doing in the early 70s makes their contemporaries look like complete jokes.

Same deal for Rush. It's funny to me that people think of Rush as an 80s band. Their first 3 albums were released in '74-75. Imagine how freaky they must have sounded to people who thought Deep Purple and The Who were "out there".

I know they were baby boomers, but some baby boomers turned rock into a real art form. Pink Floyd started it, but it was picked up very quickly by Kansas, Rush, Genesis etc...

Vidad said...


Totally, totally. You listen to early Rush now and it still sounds fresh. The Police are the same way.

But listen to Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young or Bread and they've gone stale.


Bowie is just too far beyond your limited comprehension. Get back to "Legs" and "Tush," mmmkay?

Vidad said...

Vidad said...

Favorite guitar virtuoso:

Vidad said...

@Outlaw X

Rich Mullins should've been on my list. Love the guy and his music. And yeah... the hammered dulcimer... amazing.

There's a loyalty that's deeper
Than mere sentiment

A music higher than the songs
That I can sing

The stuff of earth competes
For the allegiance

I owe only to the giver
Of all good things

So if I stand let me stand on the promise

That You will pull me through

And if I can't let me fall on the grace

That first brought me to You

If I sing let me sing for the joy
That has borne in me these songs

But if I weep let it be as a man
Who is longing for his home

Huckleberry said...

Huck, what years were these two concerts?

2002 in Charlotte and 2004 in Irvine.

You're talking out your ass

Wouldn't be the first time, but I know what I saw.
Admittedly from the cheap seats, but still.
And don't get me wrong.
I love Rush. I'd go again.
But what I don't think a lot of people realize when they go, if they've never been, is that they play live exactly how they play in the studio.
Technical perfection, but...

Huckleberry said...

Rush fans go insane at concerts

This was not my experience.

Vidad said...

Huckleberry, those sound like "hate facts." Heh heh.

Daniel said...

A+ Rich Mullins. A+ Rush. The only thing I can say regarding Huckleberry's concerts is that Peart was really concentrating on a) getting back to it after his long dark teatime of the soul following the tragedies and that b) Vapor Trails' audience was (from what I understand - did not see any of those concerts) somewhat - I dunno - appreciative and subdued, but simultaneously ravingly excited. I don't want to make it sound religious or blasphemous, but the first year and a half of the return to music was slightly different. But Rush concerts are undeniably great. Were they theater shows?

I, for one, thought that Rush was finished after about the 2nd year of the hiatus. I couldn't conceive that something like Clockwork Angels would be on its way 15 years later.

But boy, I miss Mullins more and more every day. What a human.