Friday, August 23, 2013

ATF: Football Preview

Guest Hosting tonight:  Josh

So we're without Six tonight so I thought I'd have our buddy Josh help me out while we covered our first annual ATF Football Preview.  We'll be covering both NCAA and NFL football.   Call in and talk smack and make your predictions about your team... my team... or rant about that team that sucks... like Ohio State...    Expect us cover everything from Heisman talk to uniforms to Coaches on the hotseat... as well as make our predictions for there.

Here's a hint...

Bama wins.

A:  Shiner Bock Czech Style Pilsner.   Czech it out!  Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit later.

T: Makers Mark cigars.   Holy crap are these good.  No artificial flavoring either.  All the dude does is age them in bourbon barrels.

F: Steyr M40a1 and a Taurus PT-101.   yes.  both.

Here's the link.  Y'all Come!


Luke (alias "Lines With Chrome") said...

A: Yuengling lager
T: Honey maple pipe tobacco.
F: M-14s, LRB DMR barrel in a bedded laminated stock, and my cheap date Polytech, "China Girl" in a GI synthetic.

That CMP "Build Your Own Garand" armorer's class set for November in Anniston filled up within 48 hours.

Buckeyesonofabitch said...

couldn't get the show 'til about the 20 min mark or so, I'll d/l it tomorrow to catch all your NCAA breakdown, though it appears you have called your shot for AL, pretty safe choice

A:too much Yuengling, for cheap beer its pretty damn tasty

T: none at the moment

F: Beretta 96D

Nate said...

call back we'll get ya.

Russ said...

A: German Honey liquor. Beorn makes this stuff I'm sure.

T: Highlander: some kind of pipe tobacco from a sampler.

F: AN-94.

Res Ipsa said...

A: Shock Top Belgium Wheat

T: Ruination, War

F: Sig

Worked a little late tonight, there was a thunderstorm that came our way and it was great to watch it blow in.

Susan said...


Wouldn't mead be another name for your German honey liquor?

Outlaw X said...

I was asleep. - COWBOYS!

Nate said...


Russ said...

Well Susan, technically you're right. I was drinking this:

It's awesome.

Outlaw X said...


hey, hey, hey, you are talking about Amerces team "USA,USA,USA." I am turning you into the DHS.

Outlaw X said...

Nate, I just talked to out going Janet N. you are now on a no Maker's list.

OutlawX said...


Outlaw X said...

Never use terraces on rangeland they (The cattle) will make a trail over them (always in the same place)and trample them and the water will find the cow trail and cause an extreme erosion problem.

Anonymous said...

Not a big sports guy (thus taking no offense to the Ohio-State-Hate-by-Nate), but the show was still entertaining nonetheless.

A: Knob Creek Single Barrel (perfect...)
T: Liga Undercrown Gordita Maduro (needs more time in humi, I think)
F: Smith and Wesson 586 revolver (an old friend with a sweet trigger)

Keep up the good work.


Susan said...

Thanks Russ. I guess I was operating under the illusion that mead no longer existed. I have always wanted to try it.

I will look forward to having some in the future.

WaterBoy said...

Belated ATF on Saturday

A: Dalmore scotch
T: God of Fire
F: Yes

Good ATF show, though the amount of Alabama fellating was a bit...embarrassing. Were you wearing a teddy whilst doing the show?

And the observation on guards was insightful, though the nature of the game will soon overcome it. Remember how popular the Wildcat suddenly became when Miami first started using it, before the other teams figured out how to stop it? This, too, shall pass.

Vidad said...

Hope you guys had fun. I have a negative level of interest in college football, so it was probably good I ran away to teach survival gardening classes on Friday.

Nate said...

"it. Remember how popular the Wildcat suddenly became when Miami first started using it, before the other teams figured out how to stop it? This, too, shall pass."

No. This is the "nature of the game" over-coming the previous dominance of the Left Tackle.

I mean yes eventually you will see a change again... but Guards will be the big money makers 3 to 5 years from now... and everyone will be talkign about how no one saw it coming.

But I did.

And in about 15 years... it will actually be totally different... and everyone will still be talkin about the guards.

Daniel said...

Missed it live, raggablammit. woulda called in.

I was going to call in with the top 5 cliches that are totally wrong, and why:

5) They need to bow up.
4) They wanted it more.
3) Statistics will fool you.
2) Play within yourself.
1) Defense wins championships.

WaterBoy said...

Nate: "I mean yes eventually you will see a change again"

That's the "nature of the game" to which I was referring, meaning constant change. And sometimes that change is cyclical, as we see ideas from the past resurface occasionally.

There is no "status quo" to which the game returns after each iterative innovation. It is incorporated and it evolves; as you noted in the show, there was no forward pass way back when, and now it rules how the game is played to the greater extent. The game is no longer about "three yards and a cloud of dust", and never will be again.

And you may be right about the guards taking on a bigger role in the near future, though you seem to agree that it won't always be the case. That's all I was saying.

Outlaw X said...

I am waiting for the NFL to replace the football with a Frisbee. I taught my nephews to play it and it is fun the long ball is the hardest you can't arch it you have to make it fade at the right place. I guess kicking a field goal would be really tough. Of course this is all a joke, but with the NFL you never know.

Russ said...

Susan, get yourself some mead. Up north here we can find it in just about any liquor store in the wine section.

Susan said...


Having moved into town recently, we are now closer to a couple of huge liquor stores. I will be anxious to do some sampling now, having read the ATF posts for years now, I have a bucket list of stuff to try.

At least when I do, I will have something to contribute to ATF night.

Russ said...


I have a recommendation. My favorite brand had an Illustration of a Knight and Lady on it. I think it was called Chaucer's. I remember it being dark and sweet. Other brands (like Winehaven) are light and dry, which I personally don't care for as much.