Friday, August 30, 2013

ATF: Rifles and Syria

Why do we drink?

We drink because candidates run for election saying things like "Only Congress can declare war!"  then win... and turn around and start bombing people without going through congress first.


And bourbon tastes good.   Also Football.

A: Bookers.  SEC opener.  No brainer.

T:  backwoods smokes believe it or not.

F: Steyr Model M... double set triggers.  30-06.   How much do you hate me?

Here's the link to the show.  Y'all call in dammit.  Huntin' stories...  favorite rifles... gun trivia...  or just why you think bombing syria is a really dumb thing to do.


Vidad said...

A: Vodka "martini" (only gin makes a real one, hence the quotation marks)

T: Andros cigar. Good for a cheapie.

F: Nothing, but I got a lot of use out of my sickle today. Cleaned up my corn patch in preparation for winter crops.

Giraffe said...

A: Margarita with the Mrs. I might try some Buffalo Trace later, I just picked up a bottle.
T: Not applicable
F: Remington model 700 .22-250. Because It gets Nate's britches in a bunch. The model 70 is just a push feed anyway.

Vidad said...

I need to share a list of childrens' books with our audience. Don't let me forget.

Eric Wilson said...

A: Buffalo Trace mint julep
T: Ruination Man O'War
F: Remington 870

Nate said...


Blogtalk is screwing up...


Nate said...

I am so pissed.

Giraffe said...

I'm kinda dissapointed. This is the first time I was going to listen live.

Vidad said...

Working now.

Giraffe said...


Giraffe said...

that .17 super is not going to catch on.

Luke (alias "Lines With Chrome") said...

A: Maker's
T: Gurkha Grand Reserve
F: Taurus 1911

Isn't 7mm-08 just a ,308 necked down to take a 7mm bullet as the name implies? You may be thinking of 7x57 Mauser.

Luke (alias "Lines With Chrome") said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Luke (alias "Lines With Chrome") said...

Someone say "handgun that can shoot through an engine block"?

Nate said...

Sorry about the show sucking at the start. Hope it was better by the end.

Susan said...


Costco sells under their house brand something called Margarita Wine. It is soooo good. It tastes like a margarita due to the fact that it is made from agave wine instead of tequila.

I like it because margaritas tend to give me heartburn, and this doesn't.

Susan said...

Everything Obama touches turns to crap. Everything.

As for the rebels, I would think that they would not touch help from Obama with a ten foot pole. Obama reverse midas touch and all. They want to win, after all.

I also don't buy the charge that Assad gassed people, because where it happened is where his clan lives.
Assad may be many things but he isn't stupid enough to gas his own family.

Nate said...


It should be pointed out...

mocking the Pre 64 Model 70 is an excellent way to get yourself banned.

Outlaw X said...

Nate the rimfire and centerfire are both primers. I'd take a 34 grain Winchester 22mag at 2000 ft/sec over a 17 cal bullet traveling 3000 ft/sec. Several reasons; the BC that effects the trajectory and the change in velocity which effects the wind drift. There are only two factors in wind drift the speed of the cross wind and the change in (delta) velocity Vm-Vf * (a constant).

Faster at muzzle is not the end all the velocity between the muzzle and the impact is the key.

Great show.

Nate said...


What about a 30 grain .17 vs a 30 grain .22 mag? apples to apples the .37 is going 2700fps and the .22 is going 2000.

Outlaw X said...

I haven't done the math but in that case the 17 would out perform the 22 for the 1st 75 yds for sure.

But I recommend the minimum of a 34 gr 22mag. The wind plays hell with those low BC bullets.

I am not bad mouthing the 17.

Russ said...

A: Homebrew Barenfang.

T: English Pipe Tobacco Again

F: Yeah.

Outlaw X said...


One last thing.

If I have the choice of a 17 30gr at 2700 ft/sec and a 22 with a 34-40 gr. bullet at 1890-2000 ft/sec I'd take the 22 here where I live. I shoot 3/4" groups in a 5mph crosswind with the 22 mag at 100 yards.

Russ said...

"Bacon out of the oven is amazing."


More fat that way.

Outlaw X said...

Nate the funnest 22 rifle to shoot is the 22 Hornet. Good for 150 yds (without blinking) but the ammo is expensive. my favorite skunk gun. I highly recommend it.

It's like eating popcorn.

Russ said...


Looks like Winchester put this little beauty together to compete withe the M16 when Uncle Sam wanted a light caliber rifle.

We should have gone with it. It's .224 assault rifle that looks to be based on the Garand action.

Susan said...


Cooking bacon in the oven is something I learned by watching Martha Stewart one day.

It is really slick when you are making bacon for a crowd, and it keeps the grease in the oven and off your stove and countertop.

The drippings are much nicer for future cooking also.

Nate said...

holy cow... I had some serious rants in this show.

Giraffe said...

The .17 supermag is what the HMR should have been. Now most people who would have bought the supermag already have the HMR, and no compelling reason to upgrade. Plus the ammo is going to cost more than the HMR, which is already too expensive. Centerfire reloads will cost about the same.

So the question will be 20 gr at 3000 fps or 20 gr at 4500 fps.

Outlaw X said...

holy cow... I had some serious rants in this show.

Were you trying that new Jim bean Devils Cut? I liked the rants.

Nate said...

My Tide looked like hammered shit tonight.

I'm gonna drink all weekend over it.

jm said...

Where Les Miles coaches, chaos follows.

Res Ipsa said...


How did you like the Ruination Man O'War? I get a buzz off one of those without booze.

A day late but I was in CO

A: Beer
T: Rocky Patel Decade
F: Carried the sig and the kimber, again I was in CO, hence two guns.

I seems to me that someone here likes Rocky Patel, which I why I bought one today. I can't say its a bad cigar, cause it isn't bad, but it's not that great either. At least its not worth $9. Can anyone explain why they like these? It had no flavor to speak of. I realize I'm on the novice side of smoking but I can't see what the fuss is over this brand. Are there better examples for this company? I bought the only variety the store had in the humidor.

WaterBoy said...

Nate & Vidad,

Do you guys go back and listen to the recorded version of your shows to see where problems crop up? If you can correlate the indications you are getting live to the corresponding points in the broadcast that might help you figure out what's going wrong in real-time in the future.

Eric Wilson said...


I'm in CO, fwiw.

I thought the Ruination was excellent, and I had another one on Sunday that didn't change my opinion. It had a fantastic and consistent burn with excellent flavor.

I also recently tried a Rocky Patel Decade this weekend, but it was a little dry. My buddy had brought it in from out of town and his humidor didn't take to the dryness of CO too well, so I won't really comment, because I don't think it got a fair shot.

WaterBoy said...

Eric: "My buddy had brought it in from out of town and his humidor didn't take to the dryness of CO too well".

Yep, they dry out quickly here. I have to maintain mine a lot more than I do when I take it to, say, Oklahoma.

Interesting fact: the Rockies started keeping their baseballs in a humidor (70°F 50% humidity) to take out some of the umph and cut down on the number of home runs hit.

WaterBoy said...

Res Ipsa: "F: Carried the sig and the kimber, again I was in CO, hence two guns."

Afraid of the liberals in Boulder, were ya? ;)

Res Ipsa said...


I spent some time in Denver and then I went to get fruit before heading home. You can't carry large capacity mags in CO anymore, so I made sure I had a second gun at hand. I would have called and stopped by your place, but I had a tight schedule to keep.

I've taken to wrapping newly bought cigs in moist paper towel before smoking them as a way to make sure they are OK. It seems to be working out. I did that with the Rocky Patel. It burned fine but not a lot of flavor.

WaterBoy said...

Res Ipsa: "You can't carry large capacity mags in CO anymore"

Not true, the way the law reads.

As applies to you, the law only bans the possession of high-cap magazines if you acquired them on or after July 1, 2013; older mags are grandfathered in. You can't sell them once you are here, but you can use them. Ironically, though, you can purchase them for use out-of-state.

If you claim ownership prior to July 1, 2013, it is up to the prosecutor to prove that you did not own them before that date, a nearly impossible task if they have no date of manufacture stamped on them and they were bought outside of Colorado (the new law also requires high-cap magazines manufactured in-state to have the date stamped on them).

Denver has a separate high-cap ordinance, but it also has a provision for non-residents to carry theirs through the city, so you're good there, too.

Which really makes this whole law totally assinine: if somebody can purchase them if they claim they are for out-of-state usage with the intention of going all Columbine somewhere in-state, exactly how is this law supposed to prevent that?

Res Ipsa said...

I was told that it was a bad idea to carry hi-cap anything in CO. SO I didn't.

I mostly carry what would be legal cap anyway. I just hate being told what I can and cannot have because it scares Dems.

WaterBoy said...

Agree that it might be a bad idea to carry them in CO, anyway, for the simple fact that even if you did so legally, you might actually have to go through the rigamarole of a court case to prove it. And no matter whether it went to court or not, you'd still have the hassle of trying to get your gun(s) and magazine(s) back.

I just thought it was worth noting that you can do it if you want to.

Res Ipsa said...

The only way a cop would find out what I have on me is either during the course of a traffic stop or if I had used the gun. My normal procedure is to avoid Denver entirely. This trip that was hard to do since a good friend has moved there and I wanted to stop on my way over the mountain.

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