Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Nate Pyle's Load of Crap


There is the Christian Nice Guy named Nate Pyle.   I had never heard of him until he wrote this glorious piece of bullshit and it started getting shared all over social media.

I encourage you to read the whole thing.  Seriously.  Now if you can stomach it... read the comments.

Pay particular attention to the women suggesting that he gave his advice to late... and he should have taught his son to NEVER look at women ever.  No matter what.

So the next time you hear a woman say there are no good men in church... think of Nate Pyle.  Eunuchs like him are to blame.

This notion that noticing how a woman looks or how she is dressed is somehow reducing her to less than human is pure feminist bovine ejectus.  Its is feminist of bovine ejectus of the highest order.  But it is useful at least.

Remember... Feminism is the Politics of Ugly Women.

Thus... it makes perfect sense that they should strive to make sure no one notices that...  well... they are ugly.

I would recommend having the exact conversation that Nate Pyle suggests...   that is assuming you want to make sure your son never actually gets a date.


Susan said...

This post reminds me of a story from my brief college career.

Back in the eighties, I took some brush up classes at my local community college. While my co-ed classmates and I were seated in an area of the lobby, waiting for our class to start, a semi-skank walked by.

She had on some semi sheer white knit pants on. They showed her nasty turquoise striped undies, and she strutted like she was hot stuff.

I tell you this story, because of the group I was sitting with, it wasn't the women that tore her to shreds, it was the guys. I seriously did not know that you men talked like that about skanky women.

I got more than a book learning education at that community college. My social outlook was expanded by a multiple of at least +200. I am not naïve, but boy, did I learn stuff.

Having gotten a first hand example of how men talk about women, I was able to convince my daughter that men do indeed look at how women dress, and sometimes make humiliating remarks about them based on that. She is a very modest dresser, considering what is out there right now.

c0pperheaded said...

Lost it on this one:
Cameron • a day ago −
I was pondering how to dismiss lingering looks and their effects a while back, and I received the inspiration to picture the woman dressed in angelic robes or a white temple dress. Powerful article, thanks.

Russ said...

That line about treating women as you would want to be treated basically denies the entire article. What man doesn’t enjoy it when a woman shows obvious attraction after she glances at him?

Russ said...


Ever try Old Grand-Dad?

Res Ipsa said...

He could have written a great article about self control, avoiding lust and mental purity. He even kinda started out like that was where he was heading. That would have been great and great advice. Too bad he went feminazi.

Nate said...


No. I don't drink cheap whiskey.

Vidad said...

Typical. He takes a little truth, then mixes it with poison. Then, at the end, shoves the poison in your face and says DRINK IT OR YOU'RE EVIL!

Susan said...

Well Nate, we know you are nothing if not polite. (smile)

Vidad said...


Looks like your choices in "porn" are not shared by the masses.

Daniel said...

I like the advice I gave last week to some kids better:

God made woman to be an object of lust. This is a key element in the holy order to be fruitful and multiply. Man responds to her body like a combination tiger strapped to an ICBM. This too is holy. A woman is always going to be tempted to walk into the tiger's lair, waving two raw steaks around - you know, insurance for an exciting tiger sighting. Stupid, but exciting.

This temptation comes from the same place too - God's design for fruitfulness and multiplication.

The problem is that men launch the rocket, women wave the meat and boom...without reasonable controls, you end up with a nuclear holocaust. Kind of exhilarating, but not terribly healthy for the soul. take advantage of the meat-waving, tiger munching, rocket-launching festivities, the Godly thing, the sane thing, the good thing to do is...

self-control. Ladies, stop waving the meat around in public - that's too many tigers for you, and doesn't end the way you think it will. Gentlemen, don't turn the launch keys simultaneously every time you get a blip on the radar.

Wait. Be cautious, anticipatory, and in control.

It's God's way. And...when the commitment and mate is considered, made, and blessed, fire away and burn like a thousand suns. It'll be a blast. But you don't get to the good stuff without self-control.

I also told them how sex feels awesome, even the "wrong sex" so that it isn't about it "feeling wrong," promiscuity is about the erosion of character and future value. For the girls, it downgrades their potential value - they will have less security and fewer options the sluttier they are.

For the guys, the inability to control oneself now erodes their ability to achieve trust, honor and glory in the future. Getting in the habit of losing control around a woman drains a guy of his power, and eventually can enslave him to women.

Now, this talk doesn't draw as firm as a line as I'd like to on pre-marital sex, and I make it clear that I don't condone it, but this talk has been far more effective at getting the little idjits to do what they think they do all the time and don't: think for themselves.

Apparently, it is shocking for kids to hear from the church that sex is really, really good, and it is because of that, not in spite of that, that God has standards of conduct regarding order to not wreck it for everyone.

Nate said...

yes yes Vidad... I've never heard that before.

Lana said...

I just started reading it and paragraph two has this red flag, "We will probably be out at the mall, because that’s what dads do with their sons..."

Really? On WHAT planet is going to the mall what dads do with their sons?

joek said...

"Really? On WHAT planet is going to the mall what dads do with their sons?"

Venus, perhaps? I take my son to Alabama football and baseball games.