Friday, June 27, 2014

ATF: Obscurity vs Utility

Howdy boys!  Kick your boots of set a spell.  Its that time again.  First things first if you haven't already waded through the doctoral thesis Will submitted today then I highly recommend it..  but I wouldn't start it tonight.  Its dense enough as is... ya don't need any booze on board muddyin' it up any further.

Now...  Question of the night:  What is your favorite obscure cartridge?  I have a few.  For example I dearly love the .280... which is superior to the .270 in every way... and yet all you morons out there decided to ignore it.  The 7.62X25 throws an 85 grain bullet 1720 fps... which to these eyes means it does everything the Five-Seven claims to do and then some.  But my favorite is without question the 25WSSM.  Man what a sweet little cartridge.  Ballistically it is extremely similar to the 25-06... but a 25-06 is a quarter mile long and is generally a pain in the ass.  The .25wssm is an extremely short action... which means its a short quick throw to work the bolt and its a much lighter weapon to carry around in the field all day.

Ok.. Your turn.

A: Franziskaner Weissbier:  Oh dear God... go find this.  Now.  These people have only been making beer since the 1300s.  Believe me.  They have this crap figured out.

T: MOAR GHURKA!!!!   Warlord tonight.  Because Giant Awesome.

F:  Weatherby Vanguard .25WSSM.... Vortex Viper glass.  Yep.. Its Jeb's deer gun.


Vidad said...

7.62 x 54R. Mosin-Nagant. I just love this thing. The sheer destructive power...

A: Scotch, Dewars. Cheap.

T: La Gloria Cubana Churchill, made in Miami.

F: Spec-Plus SP-10 Bowie knife

Picked this knife up used the other day. Nice and heavy, great blade, plus a very good sheath. I like it. Heavy but has a great balance.

Nate said...

Mosin... the recommended by hundreds of homeless people living in 100 gallon drums under bridges.

Vidad said...

Mosin: Because hundreds of homeless can't be wrong!

Mosin: Proudly manufactured in mass quantity then stuffed into cases of grease for over 70 years.

Mosin: Because if you can't hit it with five hard-to-load rounds, you deserve to die.

Vidad said...

Mosin: Because real sights are for sissies.

Mosin: The kick of a shotgun now in rifle!

Mosin: Doubles as a heavy-ass spear!

Giraffe said...

A Redds Apple Ale

F: I tried to avoid obscure. Since you mentioned the Five Seven, I guess I'd pick the 22 TCM as something that looks interesting.

I don't own anything obscure, but if I did it I would try Smalley and McPherson's ballistically optimized case design in 5/35 smc. It is .204 cal that shoots 30 grainers in the neighborhood of 4650 fps.

Vidad said...

I shot through 8" of solid oak and left a huge crater out the back with my $75.00 Mosin-Nagant. I liked that a lot.

Vidad said...

An elegant weapon from a more civilized time.

Giraffe said...

Mosin? Damned commies. The 7.62 x54r was obsolete in 1906. Because thats when the .30-06 came along. Improvements since have been minor.

Stupid mosin

Nate said...

"Mosin: Because hundreds of homeless can't be wrong!"

I want this on a t-shirt so bad I can't see straight.

cheddarman said...

I dont know a whole hell of alot about obscure cartridges, but I want to take the 338 Norma cartridge and neck it down to fire a 30 caliber bullet. Not sure what to call it. It would be a hard hitter, though. We could call it the 308 Porky, after Porky who commented here recently and sometimes argues with Nate on Vox' blog but is more or less on the same team but both of em' are too stubborn to admit it. I know one thing for sure, the 308 caliber Porky would be flyin' out of the barrel faster than a greased pig.

Still working on the recoil buffer. This thing has made a liar out of me several times, but i am working on it, getting ready to make the 1st prototype in about 2-4 weeks time i should have it done. just ordered a bunch of metal working tools (taps, dies, aluminum block, steel tubing, and the secret high tech ingredient)

I would be honored to call the product the outlaw-x, after our favorite redneck. He would have to pronounce a blessing over the first prototype in high church latin colored by his texas twang.



Nate said...

or we could just christen it with a bottle of wild turkey and call it good.

Nate said...

Mosin: When you can't afford the very best. Or the next best thing. Or the next next next best thing. Or the cheap wal-mart version of that thing.

black said...

" Or the cheap wal-mart version of that thing."

Amazing to me how many guns Walmart has in stock. They never have the ammo, but they always have guns.

Vidad said...

"When you can't afford the very best. Or the next best thing. Or the next next next best thing. Or the cheap wal-mart version of that thing."

The Mosin is a sweet piece of history. I'd take it over a Jimenez or other cheapo any day. It's a cool antique... that shoots and has a killer bayonet.

Booch Paradise said...

And it was the weapon of choice for the most deadly sniper in history.

Giraffe said...

Mosin: It's better than nothing.

Mosin: It may not be accurate, but it sure is ugly.

Mosin: So tough corrosive ammo can't hurt it.*

Mosin: May be even more effective as a club.

* yes it can

Anonymous said...

The Mosin song ?

patrick kelly said...

If you want to scare a noobie shooter from every wanting to shoot again, there are some sure fire firearms to do it with.

A couple good candidates:

One of those new, polymer , snub-nose, hammerless .357 revolvers. Make sure you load it with magnums.

The Mosin "44" model (shorter barreled carbine version) heh....

Res Ipsa said...

I had a Tanfoglio chambered for 7.62X54R. It's in for a new barrel in 6.5X47 but as a 7.62 it was hitting steel at 750 yards pretty reliable.

ApolloK said...

I keep a 7.62x25 M57 Yugo in my car. I got two that cost me next to nothing. They're surprisingly accurate, and by some weird coincidence the grip angle is absolutely perfect for me. I can just grab one and be on target without a thought. 7.62x25 is definitely an underrated cartridge. A bitch to reload, because of the extra steps involved (maybe I'm doing it wrong?). Also, my Yugos are totally unreliable in winter 20F weather. I can watch the hammer slowly falling... falling... over several seconds. Mustn't have got all the Cosmoline out of them, even after several thorough cleanings. They came totally encased in Cosmoline, like insects in amber.

Anonymous said...

Not terribly obscure, but I love my 7.5 Swiss (which I reload).
I have some EBRs, and some decent bolties, but that inexpensive K31 is one of my favorite to shoot, for some reason.

Regarding Mosins: They are VERY inexpensive, built like a tank, accurate, and the ammo is one of the cheaper center-fire rounds you can buy. I wonder if they will end up being like the SKS - sub-$100 one day, $350 the next...


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