Saturday, June 07, 2014

Blogging Accomplishments

Today's a big day.  There comes a time in your blogging life when you realize you have done something.  Oh its true.. at its peak the blog was really rolling and I had a very high opinion of it... but today.. today is special.

Sometimes you achieve a level of recognition that makes you stop and access things for a second.  Today is one of those times.


I learned that my blog has been blocked by the DoD in the "Weapons" category.

I couldn't be more proud.


Giraffe said...

I'm surprised you haven't blogged about a horse race today.

Piss off, DOD.

Giraffe said...

Ever loaded your own snake shells?

I'm talking the redneck method. I have some old handgun manuals that tell how to lead shot in .45 colt and .44 magnum by making card wads.

I made a few. They go bang but whatever you are shooting needs to be with in 15 feet or so.

You also can buy shotshell capsules from speer, but that just doesn't sound as fun.

Nate said...

I am doing my best to ignore the belmont.

California Chrome is an entirely mediocre horse. For him to break The Streak would be an embarrassment.

To put this in persective... at the derby... big brown would've beaten him by something like 20 lengths... and secretariat would've been at the wire when they were just rounding the fourth turn.

MichaelJMaier said...

The really retarded thing about that (my) workplace blocking you?

They block every gun manufacturer... in a building where they feel the need to remind us Ad nauseam that we support the warfighters.

So we can support them... but we can't support the gun companies that provide weapons to the warfighters.

Utterly retarded.

Res Ipsa said...

What do you think pushed them over the edge and ban you?

Was it the Hello Kitty Glock?

Nate said...

I thought it was a hello kitty sig?

Athor Pel said...

Every website dealing with guns gets blocked where I work.

You were blocked immediately after putting up Luke's review.

For blogs, once the offending post falls off the main page they stop being blocked.

It's funny what other things get blocked. Sometimes it's just the use of certain words.

Russ said...

You deserve a 21 gun salute.

Das Cheddarman said...

I think it was the post on the Nate-bot personal defense weapon. They realize if we can successfully weaponize "Nateness" history is gonna change.