Friday, June 20, 2014

Lefty Spotting

As our civilization becomes ever more polarized, and the consequences of that polarization become more and more severe, it appears to me that it would be good to have a way to know who is who.   For example... what if there were a way to tell if someone was a lefty liberal just by reading their writing?  Even if it was just a review or a non-political letter?

Turns out you can already do that.   See in the age of the internet people are, more than ever, voluntarily dividing up into sub-cultures... and as always... sub-cultures develop unique colloquialisms.  Gamers may say, "ok Leroy Jenkins" and everyone will know what they mean.  Motorcyclists refer to "cagers".  So if you hear someone refer to people who drive cars as a "cager" you can bet that dude rides a motorcycle... a lot.

Nicely... this holds true of web-based communities as well.  Perhaps even more so.  So... what we should see is a pattern of commonly used words or phrases that are unique to left liberal web-based communities.  Sure enough... there they are.   So...  let's make a list.  I'm gonna start with some easy and obvious ones...

- Thanks for this.

- So Brave.

- Not Ok

These show up in literally every liberal thread or post.  A left liberal simply cannot express their outrage without using the phrase "not ok".  And like wise... liberals will fall all over themselves to show support for that outrage by replying "Thanks for this!"  and "So Brave!"

There are lots of other give away phrases.  So.... Let's get to it.  Let's build the definitive comprehensive list.



Susan said...

One "tell" that I have noticed from liberals(and trolls) is that when they are pushed to the wall, they make a comment announcing how conservative they are.
And how they are so conservative it makes Reagan look like a commie.

Then they go on to prove they really aren't by supporting all kinds of liberal gobbledegook.

Something I have wanted to say over the past couple of years, but it just never seemed on topic til now.
I have noticed over the past couple of years, that even though I just lurk through most of the more intense discussions here and at Vox's, I have learned enough by osmosis that I don't have the tolerance for goalpost moving and really dumb "oh yeah?" style debating anymore.
I know what good debating looks like now and I just don't have patience for bad ones anymore.

Res Ipsa said...

Any use of the word "empower" or its variants; "empowerment", "empowered" etc.

JDW said...

"Wow! Just wow!

WaterBoy said...

"Trigger warning"
"I am a feminist" (male)
"Check your privelege"
"Privelege much?"
"Not an ally"

Geez...just go to any liberal website and copy/paste the comments. It would be easier.

Krul said...

"First world problems"

jm said...

"Get with the times"

patrick kelly said...


just wow....

Fran said...

Isn't "Huzzah" a lefty verbal cheer of joy?. I think I remember seeing a non lefty use it once which was rather disappointing cuz I usually associate that with gamma rabbits...and how about "Not OK" as a spin off of "Not Cool"

Athor Pel said...

"Krul said...
"First world problems"

11:13 AM

Hey! I like pointing out first world problems. Then I roll my eyes at the absurdity. It's funny!

It's even funnier when you spot yourself having a first world problem. Then you wonder how you got there. Then you get disgusted. And it's still Funny.

Russ said...


"Wrong side of history."


Stilicho said...

They will go out of their way to describe themselves as "moderate", "reasonable", "open-minded", "centrist", etc. in order to appear normal and disguise their deviancy. Or they may try to identify themselves with an innocuous, normal group ("moms", "middle class", "Americans" etc.) then add a leftist cause to that label to make it appear that all "moms" support "gun control" (or "reasonable" restrictions on firearm ownership that always disarm their political opponents). They truly believe that: 1) repeating such things often enough will make people believe them; and 2) if enough people believe them, then their counter-factual statements will become true.

WaterBoy said...

rycamor: "Yes, racist and sexist are usually nouns but he is using them as adjectives--in fact, leftists use nouns as adjectives a lot"

In this case, "racist" and "sexist" actually are adjectives, not just nouns used as adjectives. They are nouns, also; they fill both functions just as "conservative" and "Christian" do (c.f., "Christian bookstore", "conservative Christian").

Even if they were not both noun and adjective, it is still considered proper to use nouns as adjectives in that way, just as "dirt bike", "race car", and "arms dealer" use "dirt", "race", and "arms" as adjectives. These are all perfectly is "tin foil hats", in the post above this one.

Nor are leftists the only ones who do this. Look at criticism which labels Obamacare as a "socialist healthcare policy" for one example. Or "hippy home birthin' types". Any rhetoric which attacks an opposing viewpoint (or supports one's own) is often susceptible to this type of labeling...and, again, is utilized by people all across the sociopolitical spectrum.

Anonymous said...

Overuse and misuse of -phobic and -phobia. I've had a liberal describe her ignorance about some trivial aspect of Muslim culture as "xenophobic".

Anything that reflects negatively on women or a specific woman, regardless of veracity or correctness: misogyny or misogynistic

Coperhead Joe said...


ITMCitizen said...

"Fearless", "Brave", "Powerful" - anything or anyone that pushes an agenda they like

"Bullshit", "Backward" - anything or anyone with an agenda they hate

"Extreme", "Extremist" - anything one nanometer to the right. Some cons are guilty of using this one, but to a much lesser degree in my observations.

Anonymous said...

It’s called science look it up

Daniel said...

"chums" (referring to people affiliated with someone bad "Looks like Bush's chums are at it again.")
"it depends on who you talk to/ask"
"my tribe."