Friday, June 20, 2014

On Tin Foil Hats

Tin Foil Hats...  the apex of conspiracy theory Kookery right?

Well I want you to consider something...  and by something... I mean a patent held by the US Air Force for planting audio radio signals into your head.

Now...  ok...  It would be really cool to not have to bother with radios to receive instructions right?  "Pilot do this" appears in your head like a voice from God and you just react to it.  Pretty cool.

and... as of 2002...  they are still improving it.

Here's the thing with conspiracy theory.  We all have some level of conspiracy theory that we accept.  Those who believe less than us are not paying attention... those who believe more than us are just crazy-go-nuts.  I very much try to evaluate each theory based on its merits.  I may laugh at people who think we landed on the moon...  and also laugh at people who think its possible to spray chemicals onto the ground from 30000 feet at 800 mph.

So take a one second and look at the evidence and logic behind the next conspiracy theory you run into.  Consider that the folks that buy it may not be insane.  Even if really does involve tin foil hats.


WaterBoy said...

Funny thing is...tin foil hats wouldn't protect against this sort of invention, either...only a full-face tin foil helmet might, and then depending on the strength of the signal.

Don't know if you recall a device in the early 80's called a Bone Phone, but it worked on the same principle. Receiver transfers audio vibrations through the skeleton to the skull and into the inner ear bone.

(Yes, I had one. Worked poorly.)

Looks like they tried it with cell phones, too.

WaterBoy said...

Sorry, should have said "similar principle". The Bone Phone still used an external receiver, while the Frey effect uses the body's own structure as a receiver. They both use the inner ear to convert signals to sound, though.

Should also note that the effect is not experienced by everyone. Some people will be immune to its effects even without the tin foil.

Nate said...

they have headphones that work like this today. They work quite a bit better than what was around in the 80s.

But I am not sure its the same thing. When you read the description in the patent... there is more to it than that.

Athor Pel said...

There so many things anymore that are not far out sci-fi speculation. The patents exist. The research is published.

Just because you don't see something everyday doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

Another fun term to google, geoengineering (weather control). Some of it is related to chemtrails but much more is technology related to HAARP.

Susan said...

My favorite CT right now is the chemtrails. I heard about that one on a car trip between Seattle and Salem on Michael Medved's show.

Full disclosure: Only listened to his show because that is the only thing that would come in clearly during part of our trip. And it was a conspiracy themed show. Much amusement to be had.

Susan said...

So, are you going to have one of your ATF posts tonight???

Russ said...

Yeah. Good question Susan. Better yet, how bout the show? Eh?

Outlaw X said...

It is more than just obvious to me that they are doing Geo engineering. I avoid the term chemtrails because of the connotations and the mass brain washing of the people that those who use the term as kooks. So better to call it what it really is in the first place, geo engineering.

Outlaw X said...
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Outlaw X said...

Also there is a certain self aggrandizement that is part of the human psychological program to laugh at people who they believe in something odd to them. It makes them feel better about themselves to think that others are fooled so easily while they of course couldn't be fooled, and many times they don't realize they are the fool themselves. Well at least they get to feel superior for a while until that day usually comes when people find out the "kooks" were right.

Excellent post, Nate.