Saturday, June 07, 2014

The Triple Crown?

No.  Not today.

California Chrome isn't good enough.  He's a mediocre at best horse.  I expect several horses to blow him out down the stretch...

I think Tonalist wins today.


Called it.

I cannot be happier with this result.  I've never been a fan of California Chrome... and no... I don't give a damn about his story.  I care about horses and how they damned run... not about some stupid sap story or a tale of the little guy stickin' it to the man.  Save it for the women.

At the derby he was being run down.  At the preakness he was being run down.  Any fool should know the horses that were running him down, with more track available, would beat him.  Plus... at the Derby and the Preakness California Chrome had near perfect runs.  He faced no adversity what-so-ever.

That wasn't going to happen three times in a row.


cheddarman said...

I think they need to make all 3 races mandatory, just sayin'

Nate said...

You can't do that. If you do, you've changed the whole competition and watered it down. The new winners will not be anywhere close to on par with the old.

Leatherwing said...

Bingo Nate! It is a difficult accomplishment because it is three independent races, held close together. You won't be facing the same assortment as the previous races. Chrome's owner wants to act like it is some sort of playoff tournament.

Look at the horses that have pulled it off. Wasn't Secretariat still accelerating through the end of the Derby?

Nate said...

yeah... secretariat was still pulling away from the field at the wire