Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Misinformation... Dammit

Holy crap look at all these weeds! What is going on around here? Hold on... gimmie a second... let me get this mess cleaned up a bit... there's a blog in here somewhere..


HEY! Here it is!

Ahh... That's better. Now... you're probably wondering what could've happened that brought ol' Nate out of his slumber? Well let me tell ya. And yes... Its Josh's fault.

So I am workin' my ass off on Project X and Josh shoots me a link and says, "Hey look! some game blog has an article about guns!"

So of course... I clicked... and read it. and...  I learned that it was written by a fellow claiming to be a former sniper... blah blah blah... imagine my joy when I find this gem in the article:

"The .38, 9mm and .357 is the same bullet. The difference is the casing. The 9mm has a longer case then the .38, the .357 is longer than the 9mm. What this means is more powder behind the bullet and an increase in velocity. So .38 bullet travels slower than the 9mm bullet which is leaving the barrel at a slower rate of speed then the .357. "

What the fucking fuck did I just read????  Hold on. I am gonna go back and read it again. You do the same. Meet back here when we're done and we'll see if we're delusional of spec ops snipers are really this damned ignorant.


Military snipers are in fact that ignorant.   How ignorant?

That is a picture of a .38 special next to a 9mm. The case on the .38 appears to be longer than the total length of the 9mm bullet and all! (it actually isn't though) Oh... and the same bullet? No. That .38 is a 130 grain hollow point. 9mm full metal jackets are 115 grains.

Honestly... a quick check of wikipedia lists the case length of a 38 special as 1.155 inches.

Wikipedia also lists the case length of 9mm as .754 inches.

So given this... why is the 9mm pushing a bullet of similar weight faster? Well the short answer is... the 9mm is a much more modern cartridge burning modern powders. The .38 special was introduced in 1898. Savvy?

The maximum pressure for a 38 special is listed at around 18,000 PSI. Compare that to the 9mm which is listed at 35,000 psi. This just in... 35,000 psi is a lot more than 18,000 psi... and you don't need to talk to a physicist to understand why one of those bullets is moving a lot faster than the other.

The 9mm is maxing out at pressures that are about the same as the max pressure for a .357 magnum.

And now.. I hope you understand why you shouldn't be going to Game blogs to get information about firearms.

We have gun blogs for that.

If you want to know about guns... come here. If you want to know how to insult fat girls and pretend to be a cool dude... go see the Game guys.


Stg58/Animal Mother said...

If he had made the analogy between the .45 ACP, .45 Colt, etc. it would have been a better argument.

Nate said...

yup. .45LC is a real hitter.

WaterBoy said...

*hack* *cough*

Can't read a damned thing in here with all this dust flying around in the air, now.

Will come back when it has settled a bit.

Nate said...

I deserved that.

mea culpa Waterboy

If ya ever make it down toward the Redneck Riviera... there's a Gurkha with your name on it.

John Williams said...

I once worked with an Army vet. He was scared of electronics because he'd been taught that "electricity never does the same thing twice and you can't predict what it'll do" No amount of reasoning could convince him other wise, nor could I use my authority over him, in this case, to make him simply shut up since this lesson was do deeply trained into him.

Res Ipsa said...

The important thing to remember is that anyone can be a Ranger Special Forces Sniper on the internet. The other thing to remember is he told you everything you need to know about his "expertize" when he admitted that his time in the sand box was spent watching the Marines kick ass and keeping him safe. Another big red flag I saw was his remark about semi-auto pistols only becoming reliable in the last 20 years. WTF! There weren't any reliable semi's prior to 1994? Give me a break. I've owned hand guns that are older than this "sniper".

I'm 100% on the side of calibers for handguns need to start with the number 4 debate. Here are the facts: there is place for a 9mm for self-defense. It's a very small place, but it has a place. That place isn't a general use pistol, unless you can't handle anything better. If that is the case something is better than nothing. Back in the real world, almost every male I've ever met over the age of 13 is able to handle a 40 S&W or a 45 acp. I'll give you that the 10mm kicks more sharply than the 45 acp, but I don't know of anyone who uses the 10mm. I know I haven't bother with it since 1995 and I can't say anyone else I know plays with them either.

The 9mm has a role as a concealable pocket pistol when you have no other carry options. That's it. That's the only assigned self-defense role. Other roles like plinking or whatever are hobbies. A man can have whatever hobbies and toys he likes. Call a toy a toy. Keep in mind that if you are using a 9mm as a pocket pistol, it has even less potential terminal performance than its 5 in barreled cousin, which means its only slightly hotter than a +P 380. Which is as I said before, better than nothing.

cheddarman said...

Welcome back Nate!

ATF in the spriti of Ferguson

A: booze yous tole while lotin' the liquor store, preferably malt liquor in a sipin sack

T: Swisher sweets, stole from an Indian owned convenience store

F: molotov cocktail in a plastic pop (soda) bottle

cheddarman said...

Should say

"in the spirit of Ferguson Missouri riots"

A: Booze you stole while looting the liquor store, preferably malt liquor in a sipping sack

T: Swisher sweets stolen from and Indian convenience store

F: molotov cocktail in a plastic bottle (only an idiot would use plastic, glass works much better)

WaterBoy said...

Hehehe, just playin', Nate. I know how it goes when you get busy.

Ghurka sponsored a special event last night at the cigar store I frequent. I hoped to get over there before it was over, but ended up working too late. They only ever have a couple models on hand -- and never the Warlord, which both Res Ipsa and you have given the thumb's up -- so I hoped the rep would have some with him. Alas, I will just have to wait until next time.

But I do need to get down to Alabama folks have lived there for about 5 years or so, and I still haven't been down to visit them, yet.

Nate said...

Come and visit America Waterboy!

Daniel said...

But, what if you want to insult a fat girl with a gun?

As in, "Darlin you look so thin and young, I bet your first boyfriend bagged you with a Nitro Express."

Where oh where can the inquisitive get the straight story for that?

CunningDove said...

I have a question & this is the bestest way I know to ask ya.

We have a new puppy & I want to train him to do some of the patrol & alert things I've seen dogs do. Can you recommend a resource or 2 that I can use to train him?


Anonymous said...

I notice not one person acknowledged your comment over on that site.

Interesting, that.


Nate said...

amazing ain't it? WHAT COULD THAT MEAN?

WaterBoy said...

toothy: "I notice not one person acknowledged your comment over on that site."

Check out SfcTon's comment @73:

"Excuse my technical error."

That's it. A brush-off with no further discussion of the differences involved.

But I guess that's to be expected when it's only advice that "is not for the gun nut or the blossoming gun nut but for the guy who wants to protect himself and his property without investing a small fortune".

Nate, thanks for the more detailed explanation. You're dead on about that article being for men more interested in Game than in Guns. That SfcTon spent more time bragging about banging a bombass babe from the DR than on ballistics sure proves that.

Anonymous said...

Check out SfcTon's comment @73:

"Excuse my technical error."

Missed that one. My bad.


Giraffe said...

Oh you're really going to like the second installment.

Res Ipsa said...

I read part 2.

I was basically OK with what he was saying down to the bit about the AK47 and recoil. He recommends a round 7.62x54R as OK but then complains about the recoil of a 7.62X39. Something is wrong here. Either he's never shot one or more of the guns in question or something else.

Keeping in mind the fact that you can't make a "perfect" gun list for anybody but yourself, I'm willing to cut him a lot of slack over some issues. BUT....

How do you recommend the 9mm for EVERBODY and then down play the 20 gage for women?

This guy must live in state where pot is legal.

Fuck .gov said...

Spec Ops Sniper My A$$

Unknown said...

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