Thursday, October 16, 2014


We're back boys!   And if we're back... then dammit we're comin' back right!  So grab a beer... or a bourbon.. and crank this shit to 11!


And welcome back y'all!


Toothy said...

Wait, what?

A post?

Howdy, Nate.

Susan said...

Whadda ya mean Welcome Back? WE never left. (smart ass grin)

I hope you did notice that though the weeds got thick, we never did anything to really embarrass the host, though we came very close.

Having said that, Nate it is really good to hear from you and a fantastic way to end the week.

Ralph the Singer said...

Wait... Does this mean radio show tonight? Holy mother of...

I'm inviting the boys over in hopes.

Toothy said...

A: Maker's Mark 46 (this is a legitimate reason to say "wow, just wow")

T: Sons of Anarchy cigar Redwood Original(not bad, actually)

F: Just what I'm carrying tonight (Sig 1911, colt 38, XDS 45)

WaterBoy said...

Well. I'll. Be. Damned.

Good to see you back at the blog, Nate...if only to keep it from getting euthanised. You got any transplants in mind to get it off life support?

A: None, stuck at work.
T: None, stuck at work.
F: None, stuck at work (and jealous of Toothy that he gets to carry at work).

Toothy said...

and jealous of Toothy that he gets to carry at work

Well, in fairness, it's a gunshop. (And I not allowed to carry at my real job...)

WaterBoy said...

Ah, my bad...I thought the gun shop was your real job.

My condolences.

Vidad said...

I keep buying guns... and I got no place to talk about them. #FreeTheATFShow

Toothy said...

I keep buying guns...

I love you, man. ;)

Toothy said...

And yes, bring back the ATF show...

Toothy said...

A: Wild Turkey 101

T: Drew Estate Undercrown

F: Smith and Wesson M&P22 - what a great gun. Accurate, reliable, and threaded barrel standard. Also, if you have womenfolk around, probably the easiest slide to rack of any firearm I've ever had.

Toothy said...

So what did you buy, Vidad?

Give me some gun talk....

Russ said...

Why not use Google hangouts for the atf show?

Toothy said...

The real posts start tomorrow. For now we're drinking and rocking out - Nate

Ahem... that was the 16th

Josh Williams said...

Ok, so I have a concealed carry question if anyone is willing to give some advice. I have a Springfield Armory XD 4″ Full Size Model .45ACP. Would it be wise to trade it for the XD 3″ Sub-Compact .40SW so that I can carry it? The .45 just seems to stick out. Or do I just get a .357 revolver?

Res Ipsa said...


Why not just try some different carry methods/holsters etc? There is nothing wrong with an XD. A 4in barrel is the same length as a Commander. No I wouldn't trade it out for essentially the same gun with 1in shorter barrel.

I suspect that if you experiment with canted holsters and different carry angles that you will be able to find something that works for you.

Depending on your body type and size you may be able to "solve" your problem with a different shirt/pant combo or other clothing changes. Keep the gun. Work on the other aspects of concealment.

Xoph said...

I don't think tomorrow means what Nate thinks it means
A: Sweetwater 420
T: None
F: Sig 227

Josh, I agree with Res. I'm far from the biggest guy and I carry a full size 45 concealed. Cooler weather is coming, easier to conceal.

Josh Williams said...

Thanks for the advice.

Toothy said...

Josh, I carry a full size 45 too.
IWB and/or shoulder rig, and/or strongside OWB holster - depending on the situation.

You may need to adjust your wardrobe accordingly.

WaterBoy said...

Xoph: "I don't think tomorrow means what Nate thinks it means"

He's just counting in dog days:

1 day = 7 days

So today's the day!

Toothy said...

A: Jack Daniels Single Barrel (I detest regular Jack, but this stuff is the shiznit)

T: Gurkha Warlord (not bad, until the son of a bitch started tunneling on me - grrrrrr. Also, they need to come out with the Gurkha Shitlord...)

F: Ruger MKII w/Eotech scope (a bullseye gun)

Toothy said...

So today's the day!


WaterBoy said...

Toothy: "Gurkha Warlord (not bad, until the son of a bitch started tunneling on me - grrrrrr...)"

Still haven't tried the Warlord, yet, but I was able to pick up these, plus some other ones like Ghost (and another one I can't remember).

I've gotta say, it seems to be hit-or-miss with Ghurka. A few of the individual sticks in that sampler were OK to good, but the rest were only so-so to outright bad.

Interesting what the one reviewer at that link had to say about Gurkha in general:

"I didn t want to believe that these guys are all marketing hype and no substance, but after tasting all of these cigars, I hate to say that they do indeed appear to be a rather substance-less company."

Res Ipsa said...

I enjoy the Warlord.

Gurkha seems to be a hit or miss brand when it comes to quality control.

WaterBoy said...

"So today's the day!"

Well, apparently not.

Maybe he's using some kind of Mayan long-count day instead....

Toothy said...

A: Sam Adams

T: Partagas Black (a mini one)

F: My dad's no name bolt-action 20ga
And re Gurkha and spotty quality, when you get a good one, you get a good one. When you don't... wait, are we talking cigars, or Kimbers. ;)

We're back boys! And if we're back... then dammit we're comin' back right! - Nate

We're back. You keep using these words. I do not think they mean what you think they mean.

Res Ipsa said...

We're back boys! And if we're back... then dammit we're comin' back right! - Nate

In honor of Nate's return I think I'll celebrate appropriately.

A: Herbal tea, pink rose china cups
T: Grape flavored vape
F: BB gun, no wait that's too hard core, I'll just point my finger and say "bang".

Toothy said...

Funny, Res.

Xoph said...

Apparently Nate has been playing with the Glock he took out of the closet. Why else the delay?

Toothy said...

I'll just point my finger and say "bang".

There are always the pop-tart or chicken finger options, as well.

Res Ipsa said...


I'm with ya man.

Toothy said...

Res, I liked your home schooling post, btw.

Toothy said...

A: Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit

T: Gurkha European Selection Maduro (a fine cigar, clean burn, smooth, well done. These and the Special Ops I never have trouble with...)

F: Ruger Security Six 357

Res Ipsa said...


cheddarman said...

Since Nate and Elvis are both from the South, I will have whatever Elvis is drinkin' shootin' and smokin'



Toothy said...

My wife watches ID channel quite a bit. They are actually running Glock commercials. I don't recall ever seeing a commercial for an individual firearm company before. I have seen some for local gunshops on local channels, but never a mfg commercial on a national cable channel.

Kind of cool. Now let's see the Smith and Colt commercials...

Howdy, cheds. How's C-town?

Toothy said...

Hey ajw308, what did you find out about the PKM's? Just curious.

Matthew said...

Hey, Nate. I directed this question at you in a VP thread, but am guessing you didn't see..

Are there any biographies or other historical books you'd recommend for reading about Nathan Bedford Forrest? I know the basics, don't mind reading enemy propaganda, but would like something I don't have to be on guard against.

John Williams said...

Toothy, didn't make it it to the meeting. I'll have to wait till the 3rd Wed ov Nov

cheddarman said...

Howdy everybody,

I am working on the buffer concept, making progress. Will actually go back in the shop and start on the latest iteration next week, if all goes well.

I need a name for the company.
I like "Sling and Stone" but a hunting outfitter in Ohio uses that name
I also like "Black Regiment" in reference to the Black robed ministers who served in the US Revolutionary War

Any other suggestions for names?

toothy, once i have it built, i will pay you a visit.

God bless y'all, especially our beloved host


Stilicho said...


The name you are looking for is "Copperhead Armory"

Toothy said...

The name you are looking for is "Copperhead Armory"

Freakin' sweet!

cheddarman said...

It is taken, damn!

How about Lexington Green Armory? or Lexington Common Armory?

Stilicho said...

Copperhead Arms
Copperhead Gun Works
Copperhead Rifles
Copperhead Repeating Arms Co.
Copperhead Standard Arms ("CSA") KNOW you want to engrave that on every rifle along with a snake emblem reminiscent of the coiled rattler on the Gadsden Flag...

WaterBoy said...

Assuming that Copperhead Armory works with gun-related products, any name variation incorporating "Copperhead" and also dealing with gun-related products would likely be considered trademark-infringing, should it ever go to court.

Copperhead Car Wash would be OK, because it's the combination of name and category that distinguishes uniqueness.

However, IANAL; this is just a warning based on what I have found on my own. An actual IP lawyer may tell you it's OK...but I doubt it.

Stilicho said...

Waterboy, it's a valid point, but you're making a big assumption re: the existence of a TM. You'd be surprised at the number of smaller companies that never trademark anything.

Stilicho said...


Ragnarok Repeating Rifles
Fenris Firearms

WaterBoy said...

"you're making a big assumption re: the existence of a TM."

That's true, to a certain extent; just because they use "Copperhead" in their business name, doesn't mean they also use it as a trademark for products. However, it's rare for a company not to do so.

For example, take a look at this page at Ruger. The ® after Ruger means that not only is their business name being used as a trademark, but it is also registered with the USPTO as well. The ™ after the model name AR-556 means that is also a Ruger trademark but that it (apparently) has not been registered yet.

Unfortunately, I could not find any website for Copperhead Armory other than their Facebook page. And for all I know, they could actually be cool with somebody else using the same business name as them.

But I question if the possibility of a lawsuit is worth the risk.

"You'd be surprised at the number of smaller companies that never trademark anything."

If they use a business name as a way to identify their products or services, it can be a de facto trademark or servicemark simply by using it; it does not have to be registered to be so.

Toothy said...

*sigh* Not that it matters, but it is ATF Friday...

A: Blue Moon regular and Knob Creek bourbon

T: La Herencia Core (Dagger methinks - shorty; pressed for time) - Catch these on sale at CI, they're too spendy at regular prices, but on sale = freakin' awesome.

F: Trusty Sig Platinum 1911 and Smith Airweight 38 for backup.

Hope this finds all well and happy.

Toothy said...

Damn. Ran out of Knob Creek.
Switching to Wild Turkey 101.

And then bed. 16 hour day tomorrow.

RC said...

"You'd be surprised at the number of smaller companies that never trademark anything."

If they use a business name as a way to identify their products or services, it can be a de facto trademark or servicemark simply by using it; it does not have to be registered to be so.

This is true; however, most companies that are started never go anywhere. For a lawsuit to start, there generally has to be something to fight over. Also, an unregistered trademark is only in effect where the company does business.

All this stated, it's better to start fresh if you can. And then, of course, the challenge is to find an easy to remember website address, assuming on-line marketing is in the plans.

Save proof of your first monetary transaction, which will generally date the use of your mark in commerce, then register it ASAP. That is a relatively inexpensive process, nothing like prosecuting a patent application.

RC said...

And Chedderman,you probably already know this, but keep meticulous records of your work with date and timestamps. It can protect you if someone else files a patent that you infringe if you can predate their invention date. And you must keep your invention details confidential if you wish to pursue a patent. Once disclosed, a fuse is lit on how much time you have to file. You can also search the USPTO database to see if your work might possibly infringe someone else's patent. An IP attorney can do this, but it's dollars. This is all messy and confusing, but if your work ever takes off, it could keep your ass out of a sling.

Susan said...


RC is correct in his last comment. I just want to add that sometimes it might seem like an unnecessary expenditure, but your time is also valuable.

If said attorney can find out something that prevents you wasting precious time, would that not be worth something in the long run??

There are also some slightly larcenous people out there that are buying up patents that for some reason or other have become available, and then they go trolling for guys like you who might have invented something that unwittingly comes into the neighborhood of one of their patents. They then sue you down to your skivvies for infringement.

Cheds, I honor you for your creativity, and I hope you find the success you seek. Stay financially safe Cheds.

Toothy said...

No Nate, yet.

*watches tumbleweed roll by*

The dude abides...

cheddarman said...

RC or Stilicho, can i do time stamps the old fashioned way, by writing it down in a note book, having someone witness it? If not, please explain a way to do it legally.



WaterBoy said...

Cheds, one of the most common methods is to record your effort -- by writing it down or taking a photo of it or even a video or audio recording -- then mail it to yourself through the Postal Service or a commercial delivery service. This puts an external datestamp on it by somebody 'official'.

Most importantly, do not open it when it arrives. Put it in a safe place, and pull it out later if you need to prove dates; the contents sealed inside prove* that you did not insert them later.

* For differing values of proof, of course.

You can also take a picture of your invention next to that day's newspaper. While this method can be cheated by using an older newspaper to signify an earlier date than is actually true, it does establish a 'no later than' date at which the invention was created. However, given the existence of photo-editting software nowadays, I don't know if this is as reliable a methodology as it used to be.

John Williams said...

Have people sign non-disclosure agreements (NDA's). Easy to do, you can download samples off the net and edit them as you see fit. Even if the person/company that infringes on your idea hasn't signed one, you have a history of protecting your idea and that carries weight in court.

I had a customer I'd done some drawings for have his idea stolen by a casting house that was making parts for him. They took his drawings, and copied them with a backdated titleblock. You could even see the lines where they'd overlapped the paper.

There are scumbags out there. You need to protect yourselves. Sam reason you carry, get your NDA's signed, date your prior art, date your prototypes, have a placard with date in your photo's, a box of this stuff goes a long way in court.

RC said...

Contemporaneous record keeping carries a lot of weight - a journal, e-mails, dated drawings, etc.

AJW308's point is correct too. By signing a solid NDA with a third-party, you can disclose your work without it being considered a public disclosure. You might need to make a disclosure to a manufacturer or simply someone who's helping you think through part of the problem set. If the latter is the case, make sure you explicitly retain control of the intellectual property.

I can help you out with this kind of agreement. If you want an assist, leave me a note here. I am not an attorney, just a man who's got some scars and willing to share.

Gecko said...

We northern hippies think Nate was just yankin' our chains.

Toothy said...


Someone has to carry the torch -

A: Yuengling Summer Wheat

T: La Herencia Cubana Core

F: Ruger Mini-30, stainless w/evil folding wire stock (yes, I own a Mini, but the price was right...)

Toothy said...

A: Knob Creek Single Barrel

*raises glass*

To Outlaw.


Res Ipsa said...

Raises Glass


I've not heard from him for a couple of days. Has anyone else?

WaterBoy said...

It's a day early, but what the hell...

A: Drambuie. Stuck in a (delectable) rut.
T: JdN. Keep trying others, keep coming back to this one.
F: Yes.

*raises glass*

To Outlaw!

Toothy said...

Waterboy, is that a Joya de Nicaragua, I take it? Excellent.

I would also recommend their Antano Dark Corojo. Yum.

Cheddarman said...

To Outlaw-x! If I don't get the pleasure of meeting him in this life, I think I will in the next, he will be standing there next to Jesus. I think that is where X's heart is at these days. I am getting misty eyed writing this.

WaterBoy said...

Aye Toothy, that's what it is. The Antaño 1970 has become my standard box purchase. I try other brands in singles here and there, but have yet to find any with the consistently reliable characteristics that this one does.

WaterBoy said...

Oh yeah, for ATF last night:

A: New Belgium Tour de Fall Pale Ale; Drambuie on the rocks
T: Hoyo de Monterrey Excalibur
F: Yes

I love Fall.

Toothy said...

A: New Belgium Fat Tire Amber Ale and Knob Creek.

T: Gurkha Special Ops

F: The wife's original Colt SP1 with a by-God Colt 4X scope on it (she is a discriminating lady...).

Waterboy - I have a 5-pack of the Antaño 1970's on the way. However, I was unaware they had more than one Antaño when I posted. I was talking about the Antaño Dark Corojo, which I got as a few bonus cigars in an order.

HIGHLY recommended. I would have burned one tonight, but I only have two, and figured I would let them sit for a while.

Yours in Defiance,


WaterBoy said...

Yeah, I had to look up the Dark Corojo after you mentioned it, because I hadn't seen that one before, either. It looks intriguing...though I wouldn't recommend it for Nate, given that it tastes like dirt.

Vidad said...


Got a Glock 19, a Ruger LCP and a Skyy .308. Little carry guns.

Vidad said...

So... after that big buildup... nothing actually happened here. Hmm.

Rick said...

So... after that big buildup... nothing actually happened here.

That's what Dr. Who said.

Toothy said...

Got a Glock 19, a Ruger LCP and a Skyy .308. - Vidad

Two straight guys that own Glock 19's?!?! This could be a trend!!

Rick - Heh. Good one.

Toothy said...

A: Sierra Nevada Kellerwies Hefewiezen

T: Alec Bradley Shift Hybrid Habano

F: Ruger Super Redhawk 44 Magnum

Waterboy - The Antaño 1970's should be here Wed or Thur. I can't wait (although I will probably let them sit a week or two... maybe).

WaterBoy said...

A: The Macallan 12 Year Single Malt. Sudden snowstorm made it cold enough to go neat.

T: CAO MX2. Finally, a cigar in which I can taste the hints of chocolate that all the reviews always talk about with maduro wrappers.

F: Yes.

Toothy, I hope it meets your expectations. Like I said, it's become my favorite...but then again, I also like scotch.

I'm kinda diggin this new open forum that Nate's blog has become, too. It's like the old "Talk Amongst Yourselves" post that Vox used to run on Sunday nights. If we could only get Nate to post one each week, it would reduce the amount of finger scrolling necessary on phones.

The Dude said...

Still abiding.

cheddarman said...

Hey y'all, i'm up here in Yankee land, just met a sweet southern girl that knows what a 308 is and likes guns. Gotta love those southern girls. Miss Susan, you count as southern girl, by the way.

Toothy said...

A: Sam Adams regular Boston Lager (you don't show up enough to comment on this, Nate - it's good, dammit).

T: (Oliva) Nub Maduro

F: Para Slim Hawg 1911

Toothy said...

Sounds like a keeper, Cheds.

My wife is a Yankee, but pretty much a Copperhead through and through...

Toothy said...

And it is ATF Friday, dammit!

Don't make me be the loner!!

WaterBoy said...

Naw, Toothy, you ain't alone -- just in an earlier time zone.

Just got back from a late dinner, so let's get to it...

A: Kirin Ichiban to start, Dewar's Highlander Honey to finish.
T: Romeo y Julieta 1875. A bit milder than I'm used to, but the humidor is damn near empty.
F: Yes.

Wondering what CCW classes go for around the Bloggerblaster neighborhood. The one I'm looking at right now is $79 for a certificate necessary to apply for a CCW license. Four hours classroom only, does not include live fire.

Res Ipsa said...

Most of the classes I've seen are around $100. They all include handling and fire drills. A class that does not have range time is limited in what they can teach you. I don't know, but a classroom only class might not satisfy the CCW permit requirements in some states.

Toothy said...

A: Sweet Water Extra Pale Ale 420 (heh - 420) - Grapefruity!!

T: My Uzi Weighs a Ton Baitfish - Small size, but packs a wallop.

F: Beretta 21A - Diminutive, to say the least.

Toothy said...

And Res is correct. For instance, Ohio (yeah, I know) will not recognize permits from states that issue them with no range time requirements (Indiana, for example - Indiana recognizes Ohio permits, but Ohio will not honor Indiana's).

Toothy said...

Just FYI, Florida allows you to mail-order your permit, and is recognized by many states (including Ohio). They are pretty liberal as to what they consider proof of proficiency (they'll take documentation that you've been in an organized shooting sport, for instance). That's the permit I have, at the moment.

Stilicho said...

Sounds like I'll have to teach a class at your shop, Toothy.

bw said...

My cuz does lots of music work in Nashville and the word there says Dwight WAS NOT really acting in Sling Blade. That's him.

Porky said...

Still too drunk to blog?

Must be a heck of a bender.