Friday, May 15, 2015


Almost that time boys.   here's the link for the show:


And what are we having tonight?

A:  Makers Mark 46

T:  Gurkha Spec Ops

F: The 1911 I build myself.

What can I say?   Its a night for the classics.

One more time here is the call in number:  (646) 668-2515


NorthernHamlet said...

A: PBR and Sierra Nevada Pale
T: nothing tonight
F: xd40

Ben said...

new belgium 1554

no tobacco, i'm still high on epoxy primer from painting my bike

steyr s40. lusting after ksg still.

Nate said...



nice XD though

NorthernHamlet said...

Traveling for work, smoking is too difficult tonight.

Toothy said...

A: Maker's Mark Cask Strength (113.2 proof, in a mini-me bottle - grrrrr)

T: My Father Flor de Las Antillas

F: Smith PC 1911

K: Emerson Journeyman

I literally laughed out loud during the vodka conversation.

Welcome back.

VFM #0142

cheddarman said...

I'm listening, but cant call in.

Alcohol: The free home brew beer I drank today at work (off the clock but still workin')

Tobacco: any Redman chew unless it has mint

F: Hello Kitty Concealed Carry Glock for my friend Melissa who is 1/4 Japanese...and a southron to boot

cheddarman said...

Hey! Where the hell is the picture of Nate in the OSU hat! I am gonna have some annoying OSU fans call in to the next ATF show.

cheddarman said...

Hey Nate! Where the hell is the picture of you and the OSU hat!

JACIII said...

Good show. Viidad is an excellent straight man.

Nate said...

look cheds you got a shout out as 187... actually a couple... you have no room to bitch.

and actually.. I have an excellent reason for not posting the pic.. it turns out I have the dumbest lab on the planet. that's my excuse.

Jeremiah said...

A: Summit Extra Pale Ale.

T: Dammnit I ain't got no see-gar.

F: My first pistol, Ruger P95

WaterBoy said...

A: McClellands Highland Single Malt
T: Ambrosia Vann Reef
F: Yes

Missed the live show, as usual. Am playing it again, Sam, now.

WaterBoy said...

Ah, that does bring back some memories. Great stuff!

Res Ipsa said...

I just got in from work, sorry I missed it.

cheddarman said...


I am milking this thing for the entertainment value. Take your time.


cheddarman said...

i have a (hopefully) surprise idea for the next show. When is the next one?

Unknown said...

It's refreshing to see that "the dog ate my homework" still gets used in its unadulterated form

Nate said...

he didn't eat it. He just refused to learn to piss on it predictably.

Nate said...

Hey Cheds... we're a go for the interview friday.. tell your contacts to have the guest call in and we'll handle the rest.

Unknown said...

Cheds, when do you want me to drop off the book?

John Williams said...

show tonight?

Viidad said...

Yes - there's a show tonight. Where's the dang post, NATE?