Sunday, May 10, 2015

Rabid Puppies Update

It has come to our attention that folks in the comments over at are quite upset with our success.  Apparently their feelings are just so hurt... and of course... they will not tolerate our intolerance.

I thought I should probably post a response... just in the interest of clarity.  With accusations like racism and sexism and homophobia and all going around... I wouldn't want anyone to misunderstand the Rabid Puppy position.

So...  In that spirit....  here is the Rabid Puppy response to the butthurt crying commenters at File770 who are just so upset.. and hurt.. and mad at us:


Scintan said...


I love your clarity and brevity on this issue. You're making me proud.

Susan said...

I don't know how you keep finding this stuff, but this is even better than your response post recently that VD posted about.

The amusement factor of their shock and anger at us actually using their own tactics against them is priceless.
I believe that a couple of decades of our being patient is more than enough.

That is also why I have grown to despise moderates. That group belongs in the middle of the road with all the other road pancakes.

I hope the lovely and gracious Dr. Who is thoroughly enjoying her spoiling today. Happy Mother's Day Dr. Who.

Salt said...


Viidad said...

Excellent and well-reasoned, brother.

Daniel said...

I disagree.

On the one hand, Fred Rogers is not technically proficient at extending the middle finger. That's probably how he fired his glock.

On the other hand, I don't care.

Unknown said...
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cheddarman said...

That is just hilarious.

Darth Toolpodicus said...

Best. Response. Ever.

Vulture said...

I love the smell of butthurt in the morning.

Sean said...

I used to frequent this blog along with Vox's almost daily. You set me straight on a few things. Not sure why I stopped, but I will be rectifying that.

The plus side is at least now I have a lot of awesome back posts to read through.

Nate said...

Welcome back Sean. I don't blog as much as I used to... but I try.

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