Friday, May 22, 2015



yes.. yes we're doing the show tonight.  We'll have Six and David the Good and God knows who calling in.  Dread Ilk Radio y'all!  Enjoy!

here's the link


and as always...  the guest call in is:

(646) 668-2515

A:  Wild Turkey Russel's Reserve
T: CAO.. something... I have no idea.  Its good... shut up.
F: My own Spikes Tactical AR custom rig.   I would show pics but it would be X rated.


John Williams said...

I'm online, but it just lets me listen

drunks said...

old scout
rocky patel

John Williams said...

I'm back, I've also failed to grow peppers here.

John Williams said...

Any word on Cheds device?

cheddarman said...

awj308, i'm still working on it. I am having parts made by a mom and pop machine shop, they work me in when they can...last pice they screwed up, I meet with them this week to go over a simplified design...hopefully I will be able to test it soon

A: what ever Elvis is drinkin'
T: whatever Elvis is smokin'
F; whatever Elvis is shootin

cheddarman said...

mom and pop machine shop is makin' the simplified part this week...if it works, i will post pictures here after i file the patent...if it fails, i will post pictures so y'all can laugh.



cheddarman said...

ATF tonight?

John Williams said...

Cheddarman, any word?

Nate? Show tonight?

One College Chick said...

This waas great to read