Friday, July 03, 2015

ATF... yet again

Yeah we're doing the show tonight.  Sorry about missing it last week.  Like I say I was on the road.  I'm here today though...  and we are ready to go.

In fact... I'm kicking things off little early with a pre show Gurkha Ghost.   Oh my...


That'll do.

Also... Here's the show link


Anonymous said...

Nice... smoked a small cigarillo tonight in between yardwork.
Missed the show again. Keep up the good work with VBS.

black said...

Surprised my comment was the only one... forgot to put in a name, must be getting late. Figured the comment would get eaten like the last couple of times.

Were you going to do a post on over/under shotguns?

WaterBoy said...

A: Leinenkeugel Summer Shandy; some kind of single malt Scotch from the RV liquor cabinet
T: JdN Antano 1970
F: Fireworks shot off all around us, a bit prematurely.

Sorry to miss the show live, but streaming out here doesn't really cut the mustard. Hope y'all enjoy your holiday.

Gurkha Ghost is a fine smoke.

S. Thermite said...

A: Founders All Day IPA

T: Gurkha Empire VI (discontinued, has been aging in my humidor for 2 years)

F: Sig P229 SAS Gen2 (30th b-day gift from my brother in the Diplomatic Security Service)

Very entertaining show, Nate! Been lurking for a couple years after finding your blog via VD, and want to thank you for turning me on to Gurkha cigars (Spec Ops and Beast are exceptional), Volbeat, and good bourbon (I formerly preferred scotch). Maker's Mark was my favorite until they sealed it with a rainbow. After I finish the bottle of 46 in my cabinet I'm done with them. Is Wild Turkey your favorite now? I've only had their rye. Picked up a bottle of Old Forester earlier in the week and it's not bad, but I need some recommendations about something top-shelf to give as a gift. How do you feel about it worth the $60 a bottle that they charge here in Michigan? Thanks in advance.

Nate said...

Bookers is possibly the finest whiskey on the planet at any price period. As for Wild Turkey... its very good but you want to get the Russell's Reserve label. It is a good buy and its fantastic bourbon. Wild Turkey Rare Breed is also excellent.

Other options are the other small batch bourbons from Jim Beam... Knob Creek.... Basil Haydens... Bakers.

All are excellent. Woodfords Reserve is also excellent as is 1792.

John Williams said...

I was in a hotel bar in Boise ID start of this year and ordered a top shelf bourbon. Basil Hayden is what they recommended.

Nate said...

with good reason. Its fantastic. very spicy.

a rebel named cheddarman said...

I tested the recoil buffer this last friday with Stilicho, we both agree that it works. The platform i used is a DMPS Recon in 308/7.62

the recoil was more gentle, and did not have a sharp kick to it like the comparison 308 Ar of similar weight. I could see someone shooting this and not having to worry about developing a flinch due to the recoil.

This may also work on heavier caliber rifles like a 30 cal magnum cartridge. One step at a time, though.

Next step is to call my older brother with deep pockets and a killer business sense to make a business plan, or at least start working towards that.

I really hope I can put a rebel flag on the company logo some how.



Susan said...

Nate, are you talking about Maker's? You got me started on that one this year and I must say I enjoy it. Crown Royal Apple is good for just a sipping. Also will go very nice with a couple of pork recipes this coming winter.

John Williams said...

Cheds, great news. I'm happy for you. If I can do anything to help, please feel free to ask.

black said...

Congrats, Chedderman. Been a long time coming...

a rebel named cheddarman said...


If my memmory serve me correctly, you are an engineer?

can you give me your contact info?



Stilicho said...

Yep. Proof of concept. Needs some fine tuning and minor modification, but it works.