Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Road Trip

I am busy packing up for a big trip boys.  Turns out this weekend... we're all descending on Austin, Tx for the first ever Ilkmoot.   That's correct...  a great bunch of us Dread Ilk types are heading to the hippy hollow to torment the natives and drink and fuss and generally raise a ruckus.   Shenanigans are in the forecast.

There is a bit of itinerary already... 

Friday 1800 hrs:  Puppypalooza!  We're all meeting for booze and barbecue at the Mean Eyed Cat

Friday 2100 hrs: ATF Show... live from..  who knows... somewhere in Austin... or Bastrop... who knows.

Friday 2200 hrs:  Cigars and Whiskey with Nate...  somewhere in Bastrop probably


Saturday am:  breakfast?  somehwere...

Saturday 1300: ILKSHOOT!  Rangetime with the Dread Ilk! 

There are more festivities planned...    this is what I have nailed down right now.  Hopefully you'll at least get some good pics and get to live viacariously if you weren't able to make it.

But fret not.  Next year...  It will be in Alabama.


LL said...

I'm down for Alabama 2016

Nate said...

Roll Tide

Raggededge said...

Cool, tear some shit up. Definitely in for Alabama next year.

Nate said...

alligator noodling!

Leonidas said...

Score! I'm in for Alabama!

Res Ipsa said...

Sounds great!

I'm RO-ing ITRC this weekend. Have a great time.

Toothy said...

Going to try to make 'Bama.
Tejas isn't going to happen, unfortunately.

Have fun.

Toothy said...

I almost forgot - for your records, Nate:

VFM #142

John Williams said...

I'll be following best as I can.

Plan to be there, sweating, in Alabama next year.

rycamor said...

Y'all enjoy, and tie one on for me. Hopefully my life will have settled down in time for Alabama Ilkmoot.

Cheddarman, vile faceless minion 0187 said...


Leonidas of Sparta is coming to the Alabama Ilkmoot so he can kick the ass of Bedford Forrest...see above comment by Leonidas



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