Friday, January 08, 2016

ATF. I'm Pissed Edition



It has been a week.  I mean seriously.  It has been a week.  I have dealt with more stupid crap... more corporate idiocy... more retarded bureaucracy...  a lesser man would slit his wrists strap on dynamite and drive into an embassy somewhere.

Did y'all see Google took down Hickok45's youtube channel?   This is the most popular gun channel on youtube.  2 million something subscribers... who knows how many hundreds of millions of views.  Shut it down. Because appanrently the videos were getting shared to google+ with has a no guns policy.

Hickok doesn't even use Google+.   Because no one uses Google+ because Google+ is shit.   Hickok's youtube channel probably generates more ad revenue than all of Google+ combined. 

Efffing retards.

They got it all worked out and his channel was back up... but now its down again.  No word on why this time.  here's the thing... Why Hickok?   Why take down the best, most informative channel there is?  Hickok is the Bob Ross of firearms!  You don't have to love guns to love Hickok!   Just like you don't have to give a damn about happy tress to love Bob Ross!


apart from all that?

A:  Larceny Bourbon.

T:  Carlon Torano.   Because.  Carlos Torano.

F:  Beretta.  because apparently I am becoming a Berettaphile.


I'm doing the show.

Here's the link


Underwater Operative said...

Agreed. Where's our show dammit!

Underwater Operative said...

P250 - What chamber?

Nate said...

show is live. Boom.

Clint said...

Hey UO, it depends. Maybe 9mm. I am looking at P2022, too. I want one my wife can easily use.

cheddarman said...

Missed it dammmit!!!
A: root beer flavored beer, damn it is good
F: mosin nagant cause "za rhodinu"

Xoph said...

I carried and still have my 2022 in .40. These days I'm carrying a Sig 227 (because Sig, double stack .45, what is not to love).

My wife carries a Sig 250 in .40. She chose it, fits her hand. The 250 meets my first criteria for a gun, "she likes it and can control it." So she carries it and does practice with it. She doesn't practice near as much as she should in my humble opinion (I got a LASR Trainer for Christmas, so I've got her doing that). However, with the 10 lb DAO she doesn't have to rack the slide and I feel comfortable with that. She's not a distance shooter and she knows it.

I agree with Nate on the trigger control issues, but that seems to matter a lot less when I practice speed shooting. It matters when you learn, but get the habit of a good smooth pull and it ceases to matter unless you are paying attention to it. I find this true for myself (and I do train on trigger control, otherwise bad habits creep in. Just saying as long as you work on trigger control, good habits can carry you through a variety of triggers. I love my Sig 220 with the short reset trigger, want to get one for my 227 because it does make a difference. If I can shoot well with an average trigger, I can shoot better with a good one.)

Oh, and I'm in the Atlanta area so I do have a Glock, it is mine and not the wife's and I actually shoot pretty well with it and have used it in an IDPA match. Glock 22. Mags are plentiful and cheap, everyone works on them here. But my everyday carry are the Sigs and I wouldn't go back.

A: Knob creek (last night, this is the AM)
T: Sorry, always been a non smoker, I seem to be allergic. Drives me nuts
F: Sig 227

Raggededge said...

"Hickok is the Bob Ross of firearms!". Best damn quote ever.

Nate said...

Xoph how do you like the LASR system?

Susan said...

Raggededge, That has to be the BEST avatar ever. Can't believe somebody hadn't thought of this combination before. Looks great.

Susan said...

Just checked youtube page and it seems that not only is Hickok45 back, a couple of enterprising fellows did videos protesting his shutdown.

So there you go.

Res Ipsa said...

I've loved Hickok45's stuff for years. Him and Chuck Hawks have been two of the best internet source providers for a long time.

I've gotta echo the Sig guys. I've never shot a bad Sig. I've been carrying one on a daily basis for several years.

Bill said...

Google+ is anti-gun? What!? Where did that crap come from? I'm on Google+ more than Facebook, and there's a really active gun culture on Google+.

For instance;


Xoph said...

I like the LASR system. I have a large basement and have it setup down there. I have a variety of targets and can set up a variety of drills. I got their practice pistol (modeled on a glock) and the insert for my AR-15 so I can practice with the rifle (limited to 20 yds in the basement, but I have made partial scale targets to simulate more distance). I'm still learning the ins and outs. I like that I can get split times and force myself to go to reload. I can work from the draw, which I can't do at my local range.

Can't beat the ammunition cost or the commute. And like I said above my wife is more prone to practice, I do 10-15 minute sessions with her. The practice gun trigger is around 10 lbs, so a lot like her P250 on the trigger.

I also got the add on package which is nice. Among other things I can create reports to track my progress. I also have some very good averages of times for shooting from the draw for various methods of carry. Really lets me compare and track different things. I've gotten to compare my shot times with various sights on the rifle as an example.

It's not perfect training, but it is better than the range in many respects because of the drills I can set up, and the fact I can move around. I can't beat the cost and convenience.

I think there is an infrared version which if you can afford it, I would go with. Avoids using the red dot as a cheater for follow up shots. I hope they upgrade and get the ability to do moving targets, these are all static. I think someone sells a pistol using CO2 to create a recoil, which would be nice. I still need the range to practice recoil management. I just got a shot timer for the range so I can compare what LASR is telling me with similar drills at the range.

Solemn Sentinel said...

Cuz I like to stir the pot...

Solemn Sentinel said...

sorry forgot
A: Gunslingers Bourbon whiskey
T: cigars are currently re-hydrating after refridgerating during hot summer... meh
F: The first gun I ever bought, Ruger P345. Very similar ergonomically to Sig 226, not very popular but I like it.

Raggededge said...

@Jake, James Yeager...seriously?

Randomatos said...

Nate, I think the link is busted - just goes to blogtalk homepage. When I search for ATF and sort by date it doesn't have Friday available (I know, I'm a punk for missing the live-show and then complaining about trying to find it on BTR).

Question for old hats - if you were looking at a snagging either a Sig 226 (Leaning towards TACOPS) or a CZ 75 (specifically SP-01 Tactical), and had a similar wait time for either, which way would you lean?

Randomatos said...

Oddly, the show will play in Pale Moon, but not in Chrome. WTH?

Clint said...

BTW, after church today, I took the wife and we bought ourselves a couple of new pistols. I had her hold them, get a feel, rack the slide, etc. She picked the one she liked the most. I was not unhappy. She picked a S&W SD9VE. Once she gets more experience, I suspect we will upgrade, but she liked it.

Since we were there, I went ahead and picked up a SIG SP2022.

Both are in 9mm. I could have gotten the 2022 in .40, but I decided that keeping them the same caliber would be simpler. It isn't like I don't have a .45 and .357 already.

Anyway, that's the report.

Raggededge said...

Randomatos, I don't like the stock trigger on my CZ, I like the feel and trigger of my brother's Sig better. FWIW.

Randomatos said...

That's the second time I've heard that CZ's stock trigger needs work. I suppose I should factor the time and cost of a trigger job in the balance of the two... Thanks much.

cheddarman said...

What would really be cool would be a church with a gunshop and shooting range indoors and outdoors...and pastor ed by Nate...Nate I could see you pastorin' a church like that. Sincerely


cheddarman said...

Up here in Yankee land we just have wimpy coffee shops and bookstores in our churches...

cheddarman said...

Ragged edge could you make a molon-labe with a southern battle flag? stonewall, Bobby Lee and Bedford forrest would smile on you from heaven if you would make a glorious t-shirt as well

Raggededge said...

Wish I could take credit for the avatar artwork, but I just did a google image search to come up with them.

Raggededge said...

There are several with the Confederate Battle Flag that are pretty cool.

Res Ipsa said...


My apologizes for not getting back sooner. My router crashed and I just got things running again.

Sig is like a Cadillac in quality, with the Cadillac price tag. CZ (and anybody else making a quality upper to upper medium priced gun) is like getting a Buick or a Lincoln. If you have the money, and you're sure your going to enjoy the Sig, buy the Sig. It's going to last you 30 years or more and its going to be great. Guys that shoot 5,000 rounds a year and have done that level of shooting for 15 to 20 years, still love their P226. As far as I'm concerned that's a pretty good recommendation.

The down side to Sig, from a shooters POV, is some guys feel the sights are too far above the barrel. This is a factor in slide design. For serious shooters who have put thousands of rounds down range, this might be an issue. I say might be, because I've never heard it form guys shooting 5,000 rounds each year. I've mostly heard it from a handful of old guys that used to maybe burn 1,500 a year in IDPA. In other words slightly above average league shooters that were set in their ways SOMETIMES complain.

The other Sig complaint I've heard over the years is the DA/SA complaint. As far as I can tell this is mostly a design complaint that people that don't like SA/DA guns have, no matter who the manufacture is. My Sig is SA only and does not have a beaver tail safety. I think you will be able to research models and see which one fits you best.

As far as CZ goes, I've never owned one. I've shot em and liked em. I just don't have lots of time with them. As far as my limited experience goes I don't know of major negatives.

A Sig P226 will set you back about $1,000. A CZ 75 goes for around $600. How big of a deal is $400? If you're only going to use the gun for a couple of years before trading up $400 might be some serious savings. If you're going to keep the gun for 10 or more years I'd go for the Sig. You can get all kinds of extra features from the factory on a P226 and it will jack the price up but you are paying for what you get. On that score you have to decide what you want.

The one thing I would not pay Sig extra for is the Navy model. It's a great gun etc. SEAL's can have whatever weapons systems they want. In the case of the Navy model you are paying for a P226 with some minor improvements and salt water protection, and the hype that comes with a SEAL contract. If you want a fancy P226 by all means get one, I just wouldn't pay extra for an engraved anchor on the slide.