Friday, January 15, 2016

ATF Show: Epic Dread Ilk Night

Yep... here we go boys.  You asked for it... you got it.

The show kicks off at 9 Central.  It will likely go 2 hours.. at least.  Depending on how much we drink anyway.

The show link is right here.

Six and I will obviously be doing out thing... lots of Ilk have said their gonna be calling in.. so who the hell knows what's gonna happen.

This is link to the book Rycamor mentioned.


John Williams said...

I still can't get over YouTube dropping Hickok45

Nate said...

He's back.

Clint said...

A: Started with Wild Turkey 101 and then moved to Russell's Reserve
T: None until mid- Feb
F: Today...more than I can count.

Birdmeal said...

A: Reyka Vodka
T: pipe tonight - Ouachita blend (from local Bayou Tobacco)
F: Savage 16/116 .308 (thanks for the help/advice)

Solemn Sentinel said...

whoever has the audio playing in the background needs to turn it off, you can barely hear. gracias

Clint said...

If you ain't listeningl you are missing out

Stilicho said...

Missed the show. Glubb, like firearms and football, is always on topic. Amazing how much his cyclic view of nations and empires matches ACs r/K progression. You might be tempted to think they're on to something there.

Cheddarman said...

Damn, i missed it!

I am gonna read the article. Thanks for the link, Nate.

The South will most likely be independent in your lifetime Nate, that has got to feel good, though it may not form as neatly and cleanly as in Bill Lind's Victoria. The South will most likely be king maker for the rest of the North American nations that spring from the former U.S. It is by far the most powerful cultural block on the continent. You will even have border states like Missouri and West Virginia petitioning for entry.