Monday, January 11, 2016

Roll Tide

Before we get to carried away here... yes... I think Bama is going to win.  I would remind everyone though... including bama fans... that these are a bunch of 18 to 22 year olds. 

If Bama plays a great game... Clemson simply cannot beat them.  I'm sorry ACC fans... I'm sorry Clemson fans... that's just the cold hard truth.  Clemson needs Alabama mistakes to win this game.

And Alabama is not immune to mistakes.

I'm not gonna lie... I'm not hoping for a good game.  I'm not hoping for an entertaining game.

I want plate tectonics football.  I want slow grinding unstoppable destruction.  I want to see Clemson go through 3 hours of pure misery.  I want to hear the SEC chant.

I want to see Bama be Bama.


jm said...


I see Clemson isn't trying to beat Bama at their own game.

I think the last team to beat Bama like that was LSU in 2011 (the first game, not the second...).

Misdirection, a mobile QB and speed on offense will be key.

Raggededge said...

I think Bama will win, but Clemson has looked pretty good so far.

Raggededge said...

Congrats Nate. 4 in 7 years, not sure if we'll see that again anytime soon.

Nate said...

Coker doesn't suck.

cheddarman said...


joekr said...

I've been lurking here for years and rarely leave comments, but, as an Alabama grad and former member of the Million Dollar Band, ROLL TIDE ROLL! (Glad you're blogging more frequently Nate; I usually learn something new)

Susan said...

Very nice win. Knew they would pull it off. The Tide, she did roll and Clemson could not stand up to the Bama tsunami.

Raggededge said...

Coker doesn't suck.

True, I rescind the statement. Any QB who leads their team to a championship does not suck.

Mr. Naron said...

And you see why I hate Ole Miss. Turd. In. Punch. Bowl.

WaterBoy said...

Congrats to Alabama. It's an impressive dynasty they've built there.

JDC said...

I say this as an avid Big-10 fan, but 4 out of seven? FFS! Those stats would be amazing for any conference, let alone any team. I live in MI, and was listening to some local sports guys. They were basically saying how much lower MSU (big ten champ) was than AL - not just by the thumping they received, but simply by the talent.

One guy added, "MI brags about Jabrill Peppers. Alabama laughs and says, 'we have 9 Peppers' - 7 of them don't even get any playing time."

An amazing accomplishment, and Sabin (name intentionally misspelled) will go down as one of the best college football coaches of all time. The sad part of all early prediction for next years championship game is Clemson v. Alabama.

But...Harbaugh is waiting in the wings.

WaterBoy said...

JDC: "They were basically saying how much lower MSU (big ten champ) was than AL"

And if MSU doesn't beat UM on that fluke last play, they're not even in the playoffs to begin with.

But just consider this, JDC...eventually Saban has to retire (or die). And when he does, watch out SEC!!!

WaterBoy said...

OT: In the (very short) list of cover songs which exceed their originals, we can now add Disturbed.

cheddarman said...

What if saba moves to a school in Yankee land

WaterBoy said...

He wouldn't enjoy nearly as much success up there. His recruiting base would be smaller and much less talented overall.

JDC said...'s freezing and snowing like a fother mucker.

Susan said...


Have you been keeping up on the Oregon Militia situation? According to a new post by Conservative Treehouse, undercover FBI agents have been exposed by the local Fire Chief as allegedly setting up a possible false flag operation to make the militia guys look bad.

Evidently the local officials have been deliberately spreading fear and anxiety among the residents.

The Judge who oversees that area, and the Fire Chief among others are totally dirty from what Sundance has been saying lately. It is getting really ugly out there.