Friday, April 01, 2016

ATF Show

We're doing the show at 9:30cst tonight.  I will update soon with a link to the show and all.


Ok so here's the link

Guest call in: (646) 668-2515
Sorry for the thrown together nature of the post... been one of those days.

A:  Woodford's Reserve Double Oaked

T:   Gurkha Warlord.   Smooth... as a prom queen's thigh... though not quite as risky.

F:  Weatherby Vanguard...  7mm Rem Mag.  because 1000 yards really isn't that far...


WaterBoy said...

A: McClelland 10yo
T: Asylum Ogre
F: Yes

Was there actually a show, or was that just an April Fool joke...

Cheddarman said...

I could not get the show on my android phone

Anonymous said...

I agree with Nate on tradition and Sola Scriptura. This article has some good graphics for understanding the issue. This link has some helpful charts.

The problem with Sola Scriptura is that it's not true nor actually lived out ecclesiastically. The Reformed Protestants and Evangelicals he classifies under Sola Scriptura effectively give as much authority to their interpretative traditions (denominations mostly) as the two other stances to the left on the chart.

I fall around Prima Scriptura, but not Catholic.

On the holidays, one thing many people don't know is that Gentiles that were a part of synagogues, pre-Christian "God-fearers", were allowed by their Jewish teachers to still participate in pagan activities and holidays.

By the contrast, the sect of "the Way" forbade any pagan activity. So their only available calendar by default in the first century then would have been the Jewish festivals (not out obligation like Jews, but voluntarily). So it would've been celebrated during Passover week (according to the Jewish calendar timing, until the all-Gentile bishops rejected that at the council of Nicaea).

Furthermore, Jesus was only against traditions of men that inverted the minor things over the major things. The Torah didn't command Jews to tithe mint, dill, and cumin, but Jesus said they should be tithed. It was a post-biblical tradition. Matthew 23:1-3, 23.

Anonymous said...

Disagree about the baptism/circumcision replacement point though. Jewish believers should still circumcise their sons on the 8th day. And eat only kosher food, etc. So baptism is just a new type of "ritual washing" added on to the others. Gentiles are only required to do one (and the same for Jews, after 70 AD).

Maybe y'all should have Rabbi B or I on to discuss the Messianic Jewish perspective.

Random said...

I hadn't heard this much discord on the ATF show since the VFM's tried to call in by numbers instead of handles. Nothing quite like the sound of iron sharpening iron - sparks may fly, but the end result tends to be worth it.

cheddarman said...

I went to the brownells store in grinnell iowa today. They had a product called "tactical bacon" that may be old news to ATF fans but I thought it was novel. It is marketed by central missouri machine guns cmmg.

c0pperheaded said...

Maybe a stupid question, but are you a Merle Haggard fan, Nate?