Sunday, October 14, 2007

Gypsy Wind

So where has ol' Nate been?

Its a fair question... after all... its been more than a week since I posted. What's been takin' up so much damned time?

Well... We decided the Escalade just wasn't fit for long trips. Oh its great for around town... but we needed a little more freedom.

So I went out and snatched up a Class A motorhome. For those keeping score its a Fleetwood PaceArrow. Oh lord do we love it. We've spent the last several nights in it. The boys actually ride up on the dashboard... glaring out the massive windshield... just enthralled with the sensation... its like sensory overload.

Its got a low miles 460 in it... smooth as it can be. Cruised up Mont Eagle twice now... and she held 65mph the whole time... both times. I could've accelerated... but I wanted to keep her below 4ooorpms.

Its a great rig. If you've got kids... I can not recommend it enough. Families NEED these things. Its the difference from being trapped... and freedom. No more stuck to a house because of nap times or schedules. Ya just take the whole damned house with ya... including the kitchen sink. Hell... my wife took a shower at 70mph tonight!

Anyway... this means we can actually do things now. We can go to football games... we can go to amusement parks... we can just spend the day anywhere we want... and if the kids get grumpy or need naps... we can just go back to the RV and take care of it.

Imagine ladies.... ya want to spend a day at the mall? Fine. Go for it. You go shop with the boys... hubby and maybe 1 kid stay at the RV and play xbox... or watch direct TV... or play on the laptop.. or hell.... take a nap. No problem. And believe me... its so awesome to be able to drive down the road... and to know that your family is happy and truely comfortable. You can look over your shoulder and not see kids strapped into torture devices.... I mean.... carseats.

Anyway... where has ol' Nate been?

He's been on the road.

You should be too.

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