Thursday, October 25, 2007

My Give a Damn's Busted

Its better to say nothing than to post something pointless. If my heart's not in it... I'm just not going to write it. I'm not going to blog for blogging's sake. The point is... I see the news.... Iraq... Blackwater... The fires in California... Hillary... Ron Paul...

I just don't care.

When I'm not passionate about something... my writing sucks... and well... I'm not passionate about any of the issues of the day.

I will point this out though...

This fire in california is putting out more Carbon monoxide than in one day than a million cars produce in a week. I say we force the hippies to by Carbon Credits.

Plus... I've gotten to thinking about these fires. Whats the big deal? Its a fire. Its plants burning. This ain't rocket science people. Put water on it. Push dirt on it. How freaking incapable are you jerk offs?

Ya seriously can't stop a fire?

And why aren't all you hippies living in enviro-friendly hobit holes anyway?

California's burning. Good. Any chance we can spread that fire to San Fransisco, Sacramento, and LA?

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