Monday, November 12, 2007

Are Your Bags Packed?

If not... I suggest you read this... then take a strong look at the make up of the Supreme Court... and ask yourself how much you trust John Roberts.

Right now there is no real split in the lower courts. Two major courts have decided that the Second Amendment is an individual right. US vs. Miller, the last second amendment case the Supreme Court decided, also upheld that view.

Speaking of Miller... did you note that the reporter's only mention was that the court "Unaminously decided" that the men couldn't own sawed off shotguns? Note he did not mention that the court specificly stated that the men COULD own machine guns... and tanks... and air craft carriers... and cruise missiles.

The point is... as early as tuesday we'll know if this court will end the Second Amendment debate. I suggest that if they get it right... Bush's nominees will have paid off... and all the evils Dubya has committed will be forgiven. How odd to think... a court case could reunite the Republican Party....

I don't have any faith though. I think Roberts... or more likely Alito... will screw us. Roberts dropped hints during his confirmation. He stated that Miller didn't settle anything. That means he's well aware of the holes the decision created, even if most of the country is not. It doesn't say anything about what he thinks should be done about them though.

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