Thursday, November 15, 2007

We Have No Data to Show...

A few questions have been asked about Vacination... so I decided to post. If ya look at the title of this post, you'll see the most common tactic employed by self proclaimed "Vacinologists". See... when confronted with questions about saftey and negative outcomes... they immediately state.. "We have no data to show... blah blah blah." Now... the implication is that they've done studies and have found the opposite is true. In fact.. what they mean is... no studies have been done.

It actually goes deeper though... as a big time study has been done. The study was done by Dr Thomas Verstraeten using Vaccine Safety Datalink data as a project collaboration between the CDC's National Immunization Program (NIP) and four HMOs. The study examined the records of 110,000 children.

What did it find?

1. Exposure to thimerosal-containing vaccines at one month was associated significantly with the misery and unhappiness disorder that was dose related. That is, the higher the child's exposure to thimerosal the higher the incidence of the disorder. This disorder is characterized by a baby that cries uncontrollably and is fretful more so than that see in normal babies.

2. Found a nearly significant increased risk of ADD with 12.5ug exposure at one month. (I'll explain why this is such a big deal in a minute)

3. With exposure at 3 months, they found an increasing risk of neurodevelopmental disorders with increasing exposure to thimerosal. This was statistically significant. This included speech disorders.

Now... the interesting thing about this study... is what they chose for a control group. Rather than using a control group with 0 mercury exposure, they chose a control group with an exposure of 12ug. Now consider... the EPA limit for safe dosage of mecury is 10ug. The Journal of Neurotoxicology states that anything above 10ug is neurotoxic. So their control group was already over the EPA recommended safe level... and they STILL found a nearly significant link to autism at just 3 months.

Ok... lets talk common sense. There are two things that have been indisputedly linked to autism: Aluminum, and Mercury.

Let's take mercury first... Mercury is fat soluable. Which means fat stores it. The human brain is made up of roughly 60% fat... which makes the brain a happy little storage depot. Ethylmercury... which is the type of mercury in Thimerosal is known to easily pass the blood brain barrier, as well as the placenta barrier. See where we're going here? Each and every shot that your child gets deposits a little more mercury in the depot. That's why there is greater rate of autism at 3 months... and 6 months.. and 12 months.

But they aren't using thimerosol anymore. Right?

Do you know that? The government didn't outlaw thimerosal. They recommended manufacturers stop using it. They require no follow up testing to demonstrate that the vaccines are actually thimerosal free. But hey... big pharm.. these are good guys... we should trust them right? Merck's good people.

If you want your kid to get a thimerosal free vaccine the only way to be 100% sure is to insist that it comes from a single dose vial.

But remember... thimerosal is NOT the only problem. Our own pediatrician tried to explain america's increased autism with the aluminum from all the canned cokes we drink. I don't know about you... but I don't know any 3 month olds that actually drink from coke cans. I do know that virtually every 3 month old in the US has had multiple exposures to aluminum in vacines... exposures during the most vital period of brain developement.

Here are some fun facts:

- There is a 10X increase in Alzheimer's disease in those receiving the flu vaccine 5 years in a row. (Dr. Hugh Fudenberg, in press, Journal of Clinical Investigation). All flu vaccines contain what? Say it with me now... Mercury and Aluminum.

- A woman with variant Mad Cow Disease was allowed to given plasma to be used in vaccines in England. This wasn't discovered until after the plasma was pooled and used to make millions of doses. That's ok though... because we have no idea if it will really spread the disease. "We have no data to show..."

- The WHO states there is no safe dosage of mercury. Trace elements are to much.

- "Thimerosal Free" vaccines are still manufactured with thimerosal. Its filtered out at the end, and it still leaves trace elements.

- The vast majority of polio cases around the world are caused by the live antagen vaccine

- Aluminum hydroxide and aluminum phosphate are in virtually every vaccine there is.

- So is acetone.

- So is fromaldehyde. YUMMY!

- Lets not forget a few common ingrediants in things like... antifreeze.

- With our current level of technology it is impossible to determine one virus from another in animal tissue. So its impossible to be sure that only the wanted virus is being added. Stow-aways are not uncommon... nor are they detectable. AIDs was in fact transmitted to humans from apes by an oral polio vaccine given to 300,000 africans. Oops.

It is crucial to make informed decisions people. If you want to research more I suggest you start here.


It appears I've omitted one entertaining bit. Remember that bit about mercury being fat soluable? Well it turns out another favored tactic of the Vaccinologists is to claim that studies show no increased mercury levels in the blood. Duh. That's because its stored in fat. Its rather like looking for undigested food in the liver.

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