Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Bullshit CSI

For decades now the FBI has been going around telling everyone that they can match bullets to the gun that fired them. Every moron that watches CSI or Law and Order can tell you exactly how the process works and how accurate it is.

They know it works. They've seen it on TV.

Of course... Gun Guys like have been telling you all along that this is completely false and has always has been. Good lawyers have repeatedly destroyed this "evidence" by asking that their process be tested.

Invariably the labs have failed miserably when forced to account for their conclusions.

No matter though... people see it on TV so they believe it... and consequently the conclusions are rarely challenged.

Well guess what?

The gun kooks were right again.

How this is news is beyond me... since this "evidence" has been beaten at trial dozens of times... but hey... some folks just don't believe it until they see it on tv. So there ya go... now its been on TV.

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