Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Big Wheels Rule

I find myself seriously considering sponsoring and organizing a Big Wheel race. I remember competing in one when I was like 6... and yes... I won. As I recall I was supposed to get a new bike... but I never got it.

See the kid I raced in the finals started to early... then the finish was aparently to close to call even after he got the jump on me.

At any rate before the official results came in they announced the other kid won and gave him the bike. We were packing my big wheel into the car when they came over and told us I had actually won.

I remember being so pissed about them saying the kid beat me when he clearly didn't... that I didn't care when they told me they were letting him keep the bike because they thought it would hurt his feelings to give it to him.. then take it away.

I didn't care. I won. I got the trophy.


They stopped doing the big Big Wheel Race after the contraversy.

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