Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Bad Joke Wednesday

Porcus gets us started off:

When I was in Alaska a couple of years back; the joke went like this...Two important rules for hikers in Bear Country:
1. Wear bells and carry pepper spray. Bells will alert bears to your prescence and pepper spray can be useful in deterring aggressive bears.

2. Watch for evidence of bears as you travel. Bears can easily be identified by their scat. Black bears leave small, dark, round droppings that typically include seeds and plant residue. Grizzly bears leave enormous piles of caynene pepper scented feces which often includes bells.

Now how about some ol' classics?

- What's tuba plus tuba?


- How does the ocean say hi to the beach?

He gives a little wave.

- Where was the Declaration of Independance signed?

At the bottom!

- How did Vikings communicate?

By norse code!

Luke contributes this little jewel:

An atom walks into a bar, gets wasted. As he's leaving, he slaps his pockets and says, "Damn, I've lost an electron". The bartender said "Are you sure?"

So the atom says, "I'm positive!"

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