Friday, August 01, 2008

ATF... The FUUFF Edition

I'm a little pissed off to night... so I'm drinkin a little old school jack. Not the swill they sell now... the real stuff.. the 90 proof from 20 years ago.

Yes. I have some... for a while anyway...

Anyway.. I'm pissed. Ya know why? No Smoking. That's why.

186230 new cases of prostate cancer show up every year.

Where the hell are you morons putting your cigarettes anyway???

Cigarettes go in your mouth dumbass!! Not up your butt!

What? That's not where prostate cancer comes from? Really? Well I'll be damned... Next thing you know we'll find out that second hand smoke doesn't actually do a damned thing. Oh wait...

And if that ain't enough... I''ve got people whining... crying.. telling me I'm to extreme on gun rights. "Don't talk about rebellion!!!"


Does it scare you? Does it scare you to know that there are people out there that will kill you if you screw up bad enough????


Because it will keep you on good behavior.

I'm pissed... leave me the hell alone...


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