Friday, August 29, 2008

It Happens Every Day

Coulda been you. You're shopping late at night... you pay with your debit card... you're loading up your groceries... and suddenly you've got a gun in your face.

If it ever does... I know a lot of you will be well prepared. I wish all of you were.

If you follow that link... pay attention. The intended victim didn't go straight for his gun. He tried to play nice. He even handed his over his wallet. He didn't want to shoot that kid. He dropped his wallet and ducked behind the open car door.

In otherwords... he did what the criminal wanted... just like the television tells you to. Note the criminal's response. It wasnt' to take the money and run... He ignored the wallet and started shooting through the door.

I am not going to cast judgement here... but I wouldn't have picked this particular tactic for my own defense. I applaud the use of cover... but I am wondering why it took so long for the man to get to his weapon. I mean.. you should be able to pull your gun faster than you can pull your wallet. It seems reasonable to assume he was caught with his proverbial pants down and needed to get the bags out of his hands before he could get to his weapon.

Situational awareness people.

Pay attention.

That kid didn't just materialize. If that guy was paying better attention to his surroundings he could've seen that kid approaching. He should have seen the kid approaching.

Keep your head on a swivel folks... and know when you're in a bad spot.

And always remember... armed self defense works... and it happens every day in the US.

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