Friday, September 12, 2008

ATF: The Chill The Fuck Out Edition

What in the blue hell is wrong with you people? Some idiot on cable news says gas may double in price over the next week... and every one of you morons shows up at the gas station... then ya panic when you realize that... duh... if everyone buys gas at the same time... we all run out of gas.

Exactly how many extra chromosomes do you people have?

This is a damned catagory 2 storm. Its freaking rain. You've lit your damned panties on fire and given these greedy bastards a golden opertunity to rape the shit out of us. You're freakin' out about a gas shortage... and these pricks are paying for their new boats by jacking up their prices on gas that is already in the damned ground!

Hey dumbass! You have a full tank. You don't need more. Next week... all this shit will be forgotten about... and you will have paid 3 dollars a gallon to much for gas you didn't even need!

The fucking sky is not fucking falling! Do you fucking understand you ignorant fuck?


Now shut up and drink your beer... watch your football... and smoke your damned smoke.

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