Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Jerry Reed And Chet Atkins Jerrys Breakdown

The music in Heaven is a little better today. Mainstream America only knows him for Smokey and the Bandit... or as the football coach in Waterboy... but the truth is the man was a phenom on the guitar. He wrote... at least 20 songs that Chet Atkins recorded... he wrote songs for Elvis... and the all time greats... I mean Clapton.. BB King... Les Paul... They all knew, respected, and loved Jerry.

Brad Paisley tells a story about a time he got to play with BB King... about three seconds after he picked up his guitar BB said, "Oh... You're like Jerry Reed."

He didn't mean Brad was a good as Jerry... he was talking about the style. Brad's good... but he ain't Jerry... and Brad would be the first to say it.

The world lost a character... but Heaven gained a helluva picker. I sure hope he and Chett are havin' a big time.

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