Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cherry Poppin' Daddies

We just got back from our minivacation... and after a hard day of preparations... we're now fixing to head out on a longer one. I thought I better put up some pics of the ride before I split though.

It was the first adventure ride for both DJ and DrWho... who fancied themselves some sort of team by the time the whole deal was over. After each stop.. when we were about to roll out.. they would make a little hand signal and do a modified fist bump.

It was crackin' my ass up. You really are rockstars on these trips. People come up from all over to talk to you... or just to compliment you or your ride.

These two waterfalls are a short hike down from the trace. Two small streams run across slate... so the water is naturally filtered. The water was cold and clean. Next time we'll fill up some canteens.

You need to heed this advice people. Buy a motorcycle. Ride. Live.

More trips in the works. And yes...

I'm selling the Vulcan and buying a real motorcycle.

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