Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Paranoia and the Curse of Interesting Times

So... Given my readership... I'm assuming a lot of you have already read this. If you haven't... I'll sum up. Basicly the US Joint Chiefs and their equivelents from all around the world flew into a small town airport in upstate New York for a meeting.

Now... granted... it could be that this did not happen at all. It could be that they do this sort of thing every so often and its just not a big deal. It could also mean they wanted to talk about the World Series.

The paranoid among us tell us they were laying plans to deal with the possiblity of world wide civil unrest due to wide spread economic instability. They site several recent events... changes in legal procedure and law that lay the ground work. They point out that federal officials have been throwing around the phrase "martial law".

But before you disregard the mad ravings of the paranoids... consider... who was right about the economy? Was it the main stream talking heads?


No. It was the Lunatic Fringe that correctly predicted the stock market crash... and they also explained why it would happen before it did.

I'm not saying martial law is on the way people... but I am saying you should be prepared to deal with it. Not because a plan landed in upstate New York... but because you should ALWAYS be prepared for it.

Rumors like this... true or false... serve as a very good reminder indeed.

Be Prepared.

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